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  1. Vixuzen

    [SP] Vixuzen Votes - OLDC 2021 Round 1

    My votes for the current OLDC, again, with my PB times added. 1.Lava Temple by Vixuzen - 2:06:60 I'm honestly kind of disappointed that many people seem to miss the upper path. I guess I should've made the "climbable bones" clearer as well. People seem to have trouble with the score emblem but...
  2. Vixuzen

    [SP] Vixuzen Votes

    I try to provide a quick review on each level. I played through all of them with Sonic, Tails and Amy and a few of them with Knuckles and Fang. The list goes from the best (top) to worst (bottom) with each header providing the level's name, author(s) and my personal best time. Note: I played on...