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    WIP: The Ghoul's Forest 3 - SRB2 Edition (Looking for coders)

    Slowly chipping away progress at porting the main map. I was inspired to make this considering my first horror game experience was that old port of Ghoul 2 by Nev3r back for 1.09. I'm not exactly the best coder, and I had to compromise making new object entities for the decorations and just...
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    [Reusable] Mr. Driller (Susumu)

    Namco's most obscure IP and mascot ever, Mr. Driller (better known as Susumu Hori) comes from the video game... Mr. Driller. I figured since the first game was associated often with the Dreamcast, he'd be a good fit alongside the Sonic characters. Not only that, As you can clearly see: He's...
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    [Reusable] Pac-Man

    My first character wad, Originally created out of bordem in an attempt to replicate his feel and gameplay from the Pac-Man World trilogy. After about a whole year (and this day of my typing being PMW2's anniversary) I am deciding to submit it here and see how it fares. - Pac-Man has 4 hit...
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    Spindash but no Spinjump?

    Is there any way to do this again? The nospinjump flag was removed apparently but I'd like my character to not be able to spin jump, but still spin dash. I tried a LUA script but it ends up breaking my character's primary ability which is supposed to be used when jumping and in mid-air.
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    No patches found for CSON frame U?

    So I've been using SonicCE as a base to make a character mod of Pac-Man, of which I am currently just in the proccess of replacing the sprites for. However I have run into a problem where I can't remove the running or super frames otherwise I get am error ingame. My plans are to have Pac-Man...