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  1. Nev3r

    Does anybody use the 'transfer line' feature?

    If so, is there a reason you would prefer it over splitting the FOF targets and using different tags for each texture?
  2. Nev3r

    Flat surface hack in 2.2 (AFD 2016)

    Hey guys: I actually just wanted to show a great trick you can do in the upcoming version, 2.2, which lets you fake flat surfaces. As you may know, as for 2.2 goes, everything will be made out of slopes, so getting a flat surface effect could still be interesting; here's how. Note that they're...
  3. Nev3r

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
  4. Nev3r

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I thought heavier objects would "fall" at a higher rate than lighter objects because of the gravitational force, no matter wether it's vacuum or not... Also, a feather will not just "float" because it's lighter, but also because it's aerodynamic... I think?
  5. Nev3r

    Help with SOCing

    Kay, I think the question is not very relevant, but I need a reply -.- A_ChangeAngleRelative and A_ChangeAngleAbsolute functions doesn't work correctly for me.. Is that a bug? Else, if it's my problem, can somebody tell me what do I need to make them work fine? ^^'
  6. Nev3r

    The Ghoul's Forest

    (All rights reserved to Cutmanmike for making the original "Ghoul's forest" for ZDoom) Basically, it's Cutmanmike's Ghoul's Forest 2, for SRB2. Take a look on his webpage for more stuff: You spawn in a secure dark room with a teleport. Once you go across...