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  1. Shaddy the guy

    Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice It wasn't this. Well, as long as it doesn't have the bullcrap Sonic Unleashed medal system of the first game, and it's a little longer maybe, it'll be okay. This post was merged from a different thread. The original title was "I don't know what I...
  2. Shaddy the guy

    Weird stuff you see on random sites

    So there was this topic about legos on SSMB and I just So what kind of weird stuff do you see on relatively normal sites.
  3. Shaddy the guy

    Gwolf is streaming 2.1

    Come and watch!
  4. Shaddy the guy

    Runtime error 75

    So today I said "screw it, I can make a level". So I've been following the directions about setting up on the Wiki, but when it comes to loading the IWAD, I click on SRB2.srb in my folder, and when I hit OK in SRB2 Doom Builder, it gives me "runtime error 75" and crashes. Any fixes for what's...
  5. Shaddy the guy

    resolution and fullscreen screwed up.

    Well since 2.1 is releasing this year (possibly), I decided I'd replay the game and get used to it again, but unfortunately this became a thing: Basically, it gives me one option for resolution...shit, and I don't think there ever was a designated fullscreen toggle. So...I don't know what to do.
  6. Shaddy the guy

    Please be nice about this need of a link.

    I have obviously been into hacking Sonic games lately, as I said in a different topic, and I want to hack SADX ,but no one can give me a valid pc rom. Its all just led to porn websites. Can somebody here just be nice for once and give me a link for downloading a pc SADX rom? Don't be jerks like...
  7. Shaddy the guy

    Sonic rom hacking

    Everyone knows about how half the people at Sonic Retro are in to ROM hacking. I happen to be one of them, even if I am not actually a member there, and I have but one problem with ROM hacking. I don't know how. I know you're going say flame at me for being a noob, but hey, lay off the only...
  8. Shaddy the guy

    Mds do...and don'

    When I use character md2s in SRB2CB(thanks jeck!),they WORK fine,but only when there's only characters.When I use md2s for items and enemys and stuff,any characters except sonic turn back into sprites.Im sorry that theres no picture,I'm kinda new here.And im 12. EDIT:Its just tails and...