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  1. BlueBlur

    *Adventure Sonic (used to be Dreamcast Sonic)*

    It's final! MotdSpork, Frostiikin and a few others have decided to turn Dreamcast Sonic into ADVENTURE SONIC! Now, you may be thinking: "the heck is 'Adventure Sonic'???" Before the complete overhaul, this was originally Dreamcast Sonic. But MotdSpork told me "instead of making Dreamcast...
  2. BlueBlur

    SEGA Dreamcast Sonic (thanks sonc).

    I'm fully aware of the Sonic Adventure DX mod that is currently in the works by Metalwario64, but why not have some fun and get groovy! Thanks to sonc, I've got his permission to turn his Dreamcast STNDA1 into a new mod! (Sonic X is also being worked on, but this is just a side project). Thank...
  3. BlueBlur

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Many people in the SRB2 Discord servers know this already, but I'm making Sonic X for SRB2. I hope everyone here is excited for him as much as I am!