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  1. Zubat

    What's Your Perfect Sonic Game?

    Describe what would make the next Sonic game a 10/10 for you. I'll start. Since Mania already exists, I want a Moden Sonic game that plays exactly like Unleashed and has the same good level design. No gimmicks. (This includes wisps, Classic Sonic, parkour, werehog, Avatar stages, etc.) Other...
  2. Zubat

    Mass Unnasign Command?

    Related to this thread. I plan to have a custom keybind in my autoexec.cfg that cycles through multiple control schemes. Is there a command that unnasigns all of the controls, or do I have to bind all controls individually to Key0 in my script before binding them to the controls next in the cycle?
  3. Zubat

    Commmands And Multiplayer

    Related to this thread. Heres a small example of whats in my unfinished autoexec.cfg: bind k DefaultControls alias DefaultControls "CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Defualt Controls; soundtest 0; soundtest 56;" When in a netgame, if I press K with that in my autoexec.cfg, will others see the CECHO and...
  4. Zubat

    CPU Core Count Curiosity

    How many CPU cores and threads does SRB2 utilize for software mode? For OGL? Thanks
  5. Zubat

    An extreme autoexec.cfg undertaking

    After recently learning the camera's height and distance could be changed, I found new ways to play SRB2. Since then I've got my own, simple, autoexec.cfg up and running just fine. It sets custom camera options not available in the game's settings menu, enters a netgame with a golden knuckles...
  6. Zubat

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Official Trailer! I'm getting a vibe kinda different from traditional Zelda in what the trailer showcased, but it doesn't feel bad at all. There seems to be a ton of emphasis on the environment. I'm stoked!
  7. Zubat

    Fixed Strafing while spinning increases your speed.

    Forwards and backwards helps in extending a spindash, but it always slows and stops after a short time. Strafing, on the other hand, slowly builds up speed. I've only tested this in srb2win.exe while playing as Sonic. I originally found this in Thokker mode. It works there too.
  8. Zubat

    Walking Dead using SRB2 music?

    Today I realized how much Aerial Garden Zone's music sounds like the Walking Dead theme. Anybody else ever notice this? Aerial Garden Zone BGM - The Walking Dead Theme What a coincidence, huh?
  9. Zubat

    DSZ1 Secret Area?

    Okay so I'm messing around with devmode and the map function in the game, but then I saw something that looked... out of place. I turned on noclip to check it out, and I found something I've never seen before even though I've been playing this game for years. Gif below. I can't break through...
  10. Zubat

    SRB2 in resolutions higher than 1080p

    I know that SRB2 can be played in 1080p, which is 1920x1080 (2.1 megapixels). 2K resolution is 2048x1152 (2.4 megapixels), just barely sharper 1080p and about the same aspect ratio. I understand that any resolution higher than 1080p isn't really necessary, but I'd love to know if SRB2 be...
  11. Zubat

    CEZ2 Statue and Chains Combo

    Near the end of CEZ2, the Eggman Statue in the center of the "courtyard" can be moved right into the swinging chain's path. This can cause players to pass right through the statue (in their standing frames) or get stuck inside of it if they jump off the chain. The good news is that, even when...
  12. Zubat

    Super Sonic has Standing Afterimage When Hanging

    If you're quick enough, it's noticeable that Super Sonic's afterimage shows him standing even if he is hanging. I bet that if you're even faster, it will show his accelerated afterimage. Besides that, Super Sonic needs proper hanging sprites, but this issue has been around for ages...
  13. Zubat

    Fixed [2.1.14] Enemies Can Clip off of Ledges if Left Unattended

    I was in the middle of a ring run in Record Attack, and I came back through the stage to find this... I went onto IRC before submitting this, and here's what happened (irrelevant info removed):
  14. Zubat

    Fixed Gargoyles Do Not Like Springs

    The only way I've been able to pull this off is in the SRB2 Silver map pack due to the gargoyle and spring placement. You have to get a gargoyle on your head and then touch a spring. The glitch is hard to pull off, but is even harder to get out of once you're stuck in/on the spring.
  15. Zubat

    Fixed Finishing a stage while climbing makes Knuckles fall while in his climbing frames.

    The best way to see this is in ERZ2 due to the level design. I'm running on Windows XP. I've added input.lua to show what buttons were pressed.
  16. Zubat

    Is this supposed to look this way? (ERZ2)

    I know nobody plays 2-D sections in first-person mode, but... I mean, there is absolutely nothing visible blocking me from leaving this section. I'm not trying to bash the game or the devs, but shouldn't there be a wall right here?
  17. Zubat

    Knuckles Climbs Walls in THZ1

    Edit: THZ1, not THZ2. My bad. I've added a lua script so you can see what buttons I'm pressing. This can be done without the script. Other than that, the game is unmodified. Playing on Windows XP Pretty sure he's not supposed to do this kind of stuff, and not on untextured walls like...
  18. Zubat

    Knuckles Skips a Section in ERZ2

    I've added a lua script so you can see what buttons I'm pressing. This can be done without the script. Other than that, the game is unmodified. Playing on Windows XP.
  19. Zubat


    Are we not going to mention that Namco created a small franchise years ago where the main character looks a lot like a Sonic character?
  20. Zubat

    What's Your Keyboard Layout?

    With 2.1's support for add-on characters with multiple abilities, I've wondered if it might be a problem for some people to map out the new controls. I'm not necessarily here to "solve" this, but rather to talk with some people publicly to see what layout they have, and whether or not others...