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  1. speed2411

    Fixed Crawla Commander

    If a Crawla Commander goes into a laser or another hazardous object, the red light on his helmet won't turn yellow, it will remain red but still attack like it's in it's 2nd stage. In case the picture is not working, here is the link itself.
  2. speed2411

    Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2016

    You read the title right. Sonic might be getting a new movie in 2016. It is supposedly going to be a mixture of live action and animation. I am willing to give Sonic Boom a chance, but the movie is not sounding that good... What's your guys thoughts on this?
  3. speed2411


    INTRODUCING, NEGATIVE RING ZONE!!!!!! Last seen in V. 109, Zero Ring zone has always been my favorite match level. So I decided to remake it for V. 2.1. The level is a match level. It replaces map99 so it does not interfere with any of the official match levels. Please comment on the map...
  4. speed2411

    My FULL 2.1 Review

    I have been waiting for 2.1.7 to come out so I can write this. At last, here we go. As it turns out, 2.1 brings a lot of new features. Some are really fun, and others are a step in the wrong direction. Now a few people have already brought up these features and pointed to what may or may not be...
  5. speed2411

    I need "overall" help. (Heheh Pun)

    So I was map editing in Doom Builder when I thought of an Idea. "Wouldn't it be cool to have the map's brightness decrease if the sky changes to night?" The thing is, I have WAY to many sectors with tags to make it decrease that way. So I was wondering, is there anyway to decrease the overall...
  6. speed2411


    Osu! is a freeware rhythm game originally for Microsoft Windows. It is written in C# on the .NET Framework. The game has also been ported to Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Its gameplay is based on commercial titles including Osu! ~Credit to google for that. Osu! is a very fun game. If you...
  7. speed2411

    Srb2 Doom Builder "3d mode vs 2d mode"

    So I was going through a bunch of levels thinking, "Why can I not edit like these people?" So I was wondering if it was because I use 3d mode a LOT! I do mean a lot, like if I make ONE new sector, I have to go in 3d mode to texture the sector. So I want to know what you guys think? In Srb2...
  8. speed2411

    Opengl breaks on me?

    I know opengl is an unsupported feature in Srb2, but Fraps only records Opengl mode in Srb2, and I was planning to record a lot. You see, I just started using opengl and it was working great. I was only able to use it in windowed mode, but it still worked if you changed the resolution to take up...
  9. speed2411

    Post your pieces of literature here!

    Meh... Old me posted this but I have no idea how to delete topics... Just ignore this...
  10. speed2411

    XWE. Help me please.

    I just got a new computer, and I had to reinstall most of my things. XWE was included in this. My new computer is windows 8, and when I try to launch XWE, it gives me a error message saying, "Failed to create key .wad," and also tells me, "List index out of bounds. (0)." I press okay on both...
  11. speed2411

    I cannot download wad files from a server.

    I was attempting to join a server with downloadable files when it just freezes in the middle of the download. Then I go and host my usual server, then Srb2 crashes with a error message that says, "Try to download <Bla Bla Bla.wad> with a status of 3? What does this mean? How can I fix it?
  12. speed2411

    Post all your best Srb2 tricks and glitches here!

    We all have attempted to trick a enemy in match using some type of trick, but now here is a chance to share them with the world! Here is my trick. You have grenades and a teleport box, so you throw a grenade in the corner and hit the box while running into your own ring, then the person who...
  13. speed2411

    How long have you been on Srb2?

    On one of the threads, a person told me that being from Version 1.0.4-1.0.8 was not THAT old, and that some people played Srb2 longer. How long have you guys played Srb2, and what do you remeber. What version was it, the sprites the maps??? Anyways, heres my story. One day, when i was around 4...
  14. speed2411

    The_Makes V 1.1.1

    Hey guys. One year ago, I first posted this level pack on the MB. So I decided to release a one year anivasary version. Now I know this is not the best level pack, but it is really fun. Sure it has some glitches and stuff, but the updates attempt to fix that. Thank you all for your help into...