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  1. Octo#2001

    [Reusable] Finally, Anime in SRB2

    Sugoi desu ne!
  2. Octo#2001

    help! my Hud is gone!

    If nothing worked, delete the ''config.cfg'' file in your phone's file explorer.
  3. Octo#2001

    Can you run SRB2 at 60fps on android?

    @It'sUrBoy! An uncapped version of the SRB2 apk has not been released yet, but here on PC, two uncapped builds for 2.29 have been released so far. Sorry. :worry:
  4. Octo#2001

    SRB2 Paint (+Conway's game of life)

    This is quite good, just tested it out quickly. Awesome job Felix! :wonderful:
  5. Octo#2001

    Crispy's Models

    Hey dude, great job on these! The models are super cool and Shadow's skating animation is cool! Keep up the great work man! :wonderful:
  6. Octo#2001

    Blast mania V0.1.11(DEMO)

    I was using Sonic and Tails, no mods apart from this mod.
  7. Octo#2001

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    Aw yeah, this is indeed hapennin'!
  8. Octo#2001

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    Can't you guys port the SA2 model, but edit it? I don't wanna sound like a beggar, but just an idea, or should i just post the sms dc md3
  9. Octo#2001

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    I can't find the model anywhere. Could only find the SMS one with a DC Sonic for the NiGHTS stages. I would try and animate it, but I can't since I'm on a school laptop and most of the installation programs are blocked, I can send it tho. Idk who originally made it. 1616239258 Yo! It's...
  10. Octo#2001

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    POG, POG POG. I CAN'T WAIT AAAAAA also can't wait for the dreamcast model to be ported lol
  11. Octo#2001

    Blast mania V0.1.11(DEMO)

    Please, please take more time to examine your mod. While it is cool, I found myself with a whopping 6 SIGSEVS. Please, if necessary, take the mod down, and once you've fixed it, bring it back up. Just some advice.
  12. Octo#2001

    [Character] Link & Epona

  13. Octo#2001

    Open GL Controling

  14. Octo#2001

    Introduce Yourself

    Ok, hi. I like snocc and have been playing SRB2 since the final demo era (demo 1.01-1.094). I was on the old MB under the name, AverageSockFan. Yall probably didnt see me bc I wasnt online on the MB most of the time. Thanks a lot!:wonderful: (also ignore the first part)
  15. Octo#2001

    Introduce Yourself

    hi it mah berday :threat:
  16. Octo#2001

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

  17. Octo#2001


    They changed it now? I liked the old one with how you could just download it via the attachment section.
  18. Octo#2001


    Okie, this is epic (and so is this glitch Imao)
  19. Octo#2001

    if I want to post an old/inaccessible version of SRB2, where do I post it?

    Yeah, true. 1615033404 Maybe there's like 1 or 2 patches but those are for 2.0 I think.
  20. Octo#2001

    if I want to post an old/inaccessible version of SRB2, where do I post it?

    You can find the patches on the SRB2 GitHub.