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  1. Master Cheater

    PolyObject Help

    Hey, it’s Master C. I really need help on Polyobject. I tried reading the wiki and making a level but the polyobject goes wrong. Please could anybody make a basic polyobject level then link it or send me instructions with pictures, thanks Master C.
  2. Master Cheater

    Change Resolution

    Hey, it’s Master C. How do you change your resolution without having to go to video mode? I mean how can you change the resolution in the console by typing in your own numbers (ex. 1280x800). Thanks.
  3. Master Cheater

    SRB2 On 3DS

    Hey, it's Master C. I'm just wondering, is it possible to have srb2 on 3ds? I have a 3ds and I’m getting bored with the games I have. Thanks.
  4. Master Cheater

    How To Set Up A Joystick.

    I have a joystick, but for the controls for the joystick, for example x-axis is confusing can you help me? Thanks Master C.
  5. Master Cheater

    The Worst Game Ever

    Hey, it’s Master C. I just wanted to know, what do you think is the worst game console you can possibly get. Thanks, Master C
  6. Master Cheater

    F1 To F12 Problem

    Hey. I need help. I have got my new HP Netbook. But when I press F12 for SRB2, It turns the internet off for some reason. Please help me, thanks. Master C
  7. Master Cheater

    My New Computer Game

    Hey, It's Master C. I need some help for my new game Sonic vs Ashura. First does anyone have or know maybe a program that does these voices, Sonic voice,Tails voice,Knuckles voice,Amy voice,Shadow voice and Cream voice. Also do you know a quicker way to rip the sprites,it is taking forever. If...
  8. Master Cheater

    How To Make A SOC

    Someone Please Help Me. Everytime I Make A SOC, It comes out as a failure. I Read The SRB2 Wiki Information and I find it confusing. Thanks, Master Cheater.
  9. Master Cheater

    Srb2 Previous Version

    Hey It's Master C Does anyone have the previous version of Srb2, Or is there any wads of the previous version? Thanks Master C
  10. Master Cheater

    Button Help

    I want to make a button press down when you stand on it and make it push up when you are not standing on it. Could someone help me?
  11. Master Cheater


    I am trying my best to load sonic robo blast 2.0.6 and every time i load it it says that "Music data is wrong. Please could someone send me there Srb2 2.0.6 File Please