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    Sonic heroes last mission

    My friend is playing SD. heros but he can't unlock the last story mode, he already finishged the game with the four teams and got all the 7 cjhaos emeralds. He also got all the alternative missions for every team excpet Team Chaotix. He's got about 107 emblems. What's missing?
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    Well, let me go right to the point (i'm busy). I'd like to know if someone can post here, or send me via e-mail, a image featuring all the character moves. I will just try to draw Espio animations, and i don't want to mess with editors, i mean, i just want to draw the animations, when they're...
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    What a great game!

    Hi, i'm new here, I joined this forum because i'm simply amazed at the game! It justs beats many other Sonic games out there! Well, let me begin with what i liked: *Game-engine, it's just what it should be, and the 3d works very well! *The character moves, there are good moves to beat the...