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  1. UnsungSenpai

    [Reusable] Parry (KL_parry-v1.pk3)

    So i don't know if you're still around, i tried to make sure put in commands turning off "jaws parry", but i think it still does.
  2. UnsungSenpai

    [Reusable] Parry (KL_parry-v1.pk3)

    Time to Daigo Parry this :wonderful:
  3. UnsungSenpai

    [Character] FrostBrush Character Pack (UPDATE: Dixie Kong)

    Are you still by any chance working on Ratchet & Clank? I'm hoping personally you add the Ryno V music ("1812 Overture" is written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) for rachet power-up would be AMAZING!
  4. UnsungSenpai

    [Character] Kamen Rider: Heisei Pack I & II [v2.0]

    I see a lot of hard work went into this, the art and voicing modes, really appreciate it. Though do you ever think you'll do 2nd version of characters on motorcycles?
  5. UnsungSenpai

    [Script] MDHorns - Yet Another Hornmod Expansion (V3 UPDATE)

    Hi, im new to this SRB2 Kart and its mods, only kinda figuring out modding on surface level such as the whole "game-addon" checkmarking stuff. How does this work exactly? i tried activating your mod alone but nothing comes out. Is the the previous mod "HORNMOD: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION CE 1"...