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  1. Captain Obvious

    Mod Upgrade/Conversion Guide? Easiest Way to Make 2.1 Mods 2.2 Compatible?

    If this is already a thing, I apologize, but I can't find it. Is there a guide to making 2.1 mods compatible with 2.2? Surely forcing everyone to remake their mods from scratch is both silly and unnecessary.
  2. Captain Obvious

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    This is a fantastic piece of software, MascaraSnake! Thanks for making this available to us. However, I'm not sure it supports pk3s as well as the changelog claims. I can't load zones.pk3 for version 2.2. Is there something different about 2.2's files that ZB can't read them? When I try to...
  3. Captain Obvious

    Software QA Testing Project on srb2

    So, for our Software Quality Assurance and Testing class, we were assigned to find some open source code and run tests on it. Congratulations! I've decided to have our group use srb2! After showing my brethren how awesome this game is (all I've shown have said it's fantastic), we intend to do...
  4. Captain Obvious

    How to stop wind/current with a button press? Change tag not working

    I have four linking sectors with constant backwards flowing wind. The wind is designed to be too strong for any character other than sonic to make it through (or any character with speed thok). I have a button that only tails and knuckles can reach that is supposed to stop the wind. The wind...