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  1. xd100278

    SRB2 Kart Netgame Stuck on loading screen

    this has not happened to someone so I suggest just waiting it out
  2. xd100278

    Help my confirm and back buttons are not working

    I feel like it might start working if you use a controller. I know that srb2 is compatible with ps4,Nintendo switch, And Xbox controllers. it'll prob automatically bind the controls for your controller. so you can play with it idk what else. just find any Bluetooth controller and connect it to...
  3. xd100278

    [Reusable] LauncherBlast2 reBoot

    DId you put it in the folder that srb2 is in?.If you Did either you are using the .pyz file without python or i just doesn't work on your computer. Unfourtanately :/
  4. xd100278

    Animal models?

    I say that they do because ti's in the 2.1 version. I dont know what md2 has the animals though
  5. xd100278

    [Reusable] SRB2 Chars

    this kind of has md3 support already! you just have to put jeck jims sonic md3 from srb2 and put it in the mdls folder.Then Put SRB2SONIC PLAY/SONIC.md3 3.0 0.0
  6. xd100278

    USB Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Problems

    When I try using my USB Nintendo Swich Pro Controller It Says. This gamepad is used by another player. Reset the gamepad for that player first. I tried going straight into it and the same thing happens.And I did the same thing for player2 and the same thing happens.Idk what else to do
  7. xd100278

    For some reason my Srb2 Kart MD3s don't work

    For some reason when I use the OpenGL bat that is with Srb2 kart it doesn't work Help!?!? idk if i should say this but when I play srb2 MD3s work perfectly with no glitches The link is a picture
  8. xd100278

    [Reusable] Just a color pack

    it's been fixed there is now a download ______________________________ Servers are Dead
  9. xd100278

    [Reusable] Mania Hud v1.2 (The "I didnt know this mod was broken" Update)

    welp this is the future and there is a encore mode