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  1. minenice

    xItemLib (+ Sampler pack)

    minenice submitted a new resource: xItemLib (+ Sampler pack) - Modular custom item library Read more about this resource...
  2. minenice

    [Character] Elem, Wielder of Elemental Magic (OC)

    Magic stones equipped and channeling staff in hand, Elem is ready to race! She comes prepared with brand new elemental items, sure to bring fresh interactions to kart races.
  3. minenice

    [Character] [KART] Inkling Girl on Sports Bike (Inside Drift)

    It's a bike Blitz! This woomy decided to stray from the norm and get a hold of a sports bike! Being on a bike, this inkling handles differently from karts. Thanks to inside / hang-on style drifting, she can take lines much tighter than most racers, at the cost of some maneuverability...
  4. minenice

    [MP Level] (Battle Plus) MC.Princess Diaries Feat. Hyperbombs and the Princess Cannon!

    The Splatocalypse is upon us! It's Chaos versus Order on this hyperfresh battle arena! "You helped make the stage? That's amazing, Marina!" - Full support for Battle Plus' Ring Runners and Emerald Hunt - Enhanced with alternate music during timed matches (a special performance from Off The...
  5. minenice

    [Script] Mario Kart Double Dash Drifting (Multi-Tech Drifting)

    This Lua script gives SRB2Kart the Mario Kart Double Dash treatment, bringing in that game's drifting mechanics. But that's not all! The script is complete with almost all of the advanced tech MKDD offers! Now you too can feel like GoombaNL, all while playing your favourite racing game...
  6. minenice

    [MP Level] The Reef + Battle Plus Support

    Introducing a new Battle map for SRB2Kart, The Reef from Splatoon 2, complete with textures and sprites ripped from the source game! This version of the map is based on it's updated version from Splatoon 2 v.4.2, in it's Rainmaker mode layout. “That means we have a new place to battle! I...
  7. minenice

    [Character] Inkling Pack (feat. o DUDE)

    Ever wanted to woomy on a vroomy in a Doom kart racer? Now you can! Hailing from Inkopolis, it's the squid kids we all know and love! They're quite fast, but also very light. Perfect for the driver that wants to zip all over the track making squid noises. Sound effects are taken from Splatoon...