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  1. Honestyi

    SRB2K Brakes on controller doesn't work

    A while back i bought a logitech 310 controller, when i tried to use it to play kart for some reason my breaks doesn't work properlly. I tried binding, rebinding, unbinding and binding again, turning off and on the digital easing, put the control keys in several and back, but it still don't...
  2. Honestyi

    Big asymmetrical kart template help

    I was trying to make an asymmetrical character but the problem is that i needed to do it using the big template due to the kart's size, and so i thought: maybe i can make 2 separate wads with the diferent sides and mash them together using the flip in the properties as guideline, but when i copy...
  3. Honestyi

    Honestyi's Character Pack [Kanna eats something she shouldn't!]

    Honestyi submitted a new resource: Honestyi's Character Pack - A random bunch of characters from various resources Read more about this resource...