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  1. So2ro

    SP Division Votes

    Im not the best at giving critique at maps, so im just gonna list the ones i enjoyed playing the most (Thank you whoever made that vote sorter at the official discord, you made my life 100% easier). 1. Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro (heh) 2. Rustic Templar Zone by MK.exe 3. Wild West Zone, Act 2 by...
  2. So2ro

    Could SRB2 2.2 be fit for SAGE 2020?

    Since SAGE 2020 is just around the corner, i bet some people are wondering if SRB2 as it stands right now, would be fit for a SAGE re-release. For context, SAGE stands for Sonic Amateur Game Expo, its an online event where people can showcase their current game projects, its mostly fangame sonic...
  3. So2ro

    Frantic Freeze Zone - V1.1.3

    Huh, what do you mean i map too fast? The game's mascot is sonic gosh darn it, i need to be fast. Welcome to Frantic Freeze Zone, starting developement after Molten industry Zone i took a look at my old maps and remembered that i always wanted to make an ice stage, a good ice stage, so here...
  4. So2ro

    [Reusable] Srb2 Station V1.2.2 - The place to test your mods

    This wad has nothing to do with Gaga Hax's srb2hub, its only inspired by it, also keep in mind this features spoilers for the entirety of srb2 Originally inspired by srb2hub, Srb2 Stations offers modders alike a place to test out interactions with the majority of gimmicks and enemies from...
  5. So2ro

    [Reusable] Molten Industry - V1.1.1

    Since the ULDC is on hold, i decided to release this map i made for it as i dont think the final result is quite what i hoped for. If the ULDC comes back im sure as hell gonna make a proper map for it. Anyhow, heres Molten Industry. Who knew that eggman had a secret abandoned base in RVZ huh...
  6. So2ro

    [Reusable] BombPack - The SRB2B level pack

    Add the level pack after the bomberman mod to avoid any issues This level pack is designed specifically for Flame's bomberman mod (SRB2B). I may add more maps from time to time, but for now you only get 3. Verdant Grotto i wonder what this one is inspired from Originally made as a test map...
  7. So2ro

    [Reusable] Grotto Pack (Green Grotto Zone)

    So uhh, sonic and friends took the wrong turn from GFZ and ended up inside one of the mountains you can see from the distance Ah yes, the update and rename no one asked for but i found myself doing out of boredom anyways. Grotto pack features features: Screenshots: Changelog: Credits
  8. So2ro

    [Reusable] Nights Edge Zone

    There are tales of a place where nights are so cold they could put you on deaths edge I tried a go at a SP map and, even while it is short, i became quite fond of the result and i hope you all have fun with it too. Being my second map ever, it teached me alot of useful stuff i didnt know i...
  9. So2ro

    [MATCH] Egg Ruins Zone

    In the middle of a giant forest, an abandoned castle ruins away. As my first map ever, and my introduction to Zone Builder and, i present Egg Ruins Zone. A match map based mostly on ECZ and FFZ.