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  1. Chromatian


    Chromatian submitted a new resource: Nepgear - Nepgear, from the Hyperdemension Neptunia Series Read more about this resource...
  2. Chromatian

    SRB2Kart General Discussion Thread

    A place for a more formal and permanent discussion about SRB2Kart as a whole when Discord just isn't good enough. Two things to keep in mind: This is for discussion of the current version of Kart. Do not ask about anything related to a new patch or the next version. Go check out the thread in...
  3. Chromatian

    Fixed [2.1.18] Rock Spawner rocks not despawning from slopes

    Rocks spawned from a rock spawner upon entering a sloped sector do not despawn when exiting the sloped sector onto a flat sector: Raising the sloped sector or lowering the flat sector low enough to cause a bounce allows the rocks to despawn...
  4. Chromatian

    SCR_Digital Empire (Indefinite Hiatus Release)

    Been a while since I've existed, huh? Going to keep everything in spoilers for organization: I think that’s everything I wanted to say in this post, if you have any questions about anything I had planned or in general, feel free to ask. Maybe someday down the road I might have time to...
  5. Chromatian

    Mario Kart 8 SRB2 Community Tournament! [SRB2Kart]

    Now that more than one or two people from the community have grabbed the game, I decided to set up a tournament for us. (appropriately named, I believe :V) The ruleset is fairly simple at the moment, but depending on how big it gets or how things go, rules and starting/ending times will change...
  6. Chromatian

    [SRB2Kart] Waterway Circuit

    Waterway Circuit is a level I made for SRB2Kart based around my singleplayer level, Waterway Ruin. Instead of letting it collect dust in my SRB2 folder, I decided to release it. This level replaces the awful Azure City, MAP22. Instead of screenshots, here's a video of the level in an actual...
  7. Chromatian

    [SRB2 Riders] Blue Mountain K

    Since Blue Mountain Zone isn't making the cut for vanilla Srb2, I figured I'd make a Mario Kart version of it. (I also thought it would be a good idea to replace DK Cavern, since everyone hates it so much) The beginning is slightly based off of the tiny bit of level from Blue Mountain Zone...
  8. Chromatian

    Runtime Error 339

    I've run into this problem a long time ago, but I've forgotten how I solved it. Every time I try to open up the MAINCFG I get this, and it's starting to get on my nerves. I remember Ezer Arch had posted a way to solve this before, but I couldn't find the topic.
  9. Chromatian

    Hosting Problems

    Ever since my computer was reformatted(It had a virus, had to take somewhere to get it fixed since I'm not that tech savvy) People have been unable to join my server. When I've checked the master server, my server shows up, but it's ping, player number and gametype can't be shown. I've tried...
  10. Chromatian

    Terraria A game inspired by Zelda, Minecraft, and general RPG games. There are two let's plays of it on youtube showcasing the game, and in my opinion, it looks a lot more interesting than Minecraft from what's been shown. Gameplay...
  11. Chromatian

    Your Mario Kart list

    Been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately, and I was wondering what opinion was on the series. Basically, just list the Mario kart games from most liked to least liked. 1. Mario Kart 64 2. Double Dash 3. Wii 4. Super Circuit 5. SNES 6. DS I've never played the SNES version, so I don't really...
  12. Chromatian


    I've released act one quite a few times, and I was going to release act 2 in the contest this month, but I missed my chance, so I thought I would release it here. Please comment on act 2 as if it were in the contest, I want the best critisism possible. Download...
  13. Chromatian

    Another mistake the devs made.

    While searchig for Tails's emblem, I found a checkpoint underwater on the right path of Castle Eggman Zone 1. I found this very amusing.
  14. Chromatian

    Visual Error

    The title doesn't really explain much, so take a look at the screenshot. I know what I did to cause it, and how to fix it. But I want to know how to fix it witout deleting a huge chunk of my map or starting all the way over. =/
  15. Chromatian

    Custom Abilities Suggestion Topic

    So, lets all post balanced abilities to add into the game. I'll start. Insta Sheild - Replaces the spindash. Pressing the spindash button will create a small sheild that can protect you from damage from projectiles, it can be used on the ground or in the air. Lasting time - Quarter of a...
  16. Chromatian

    Can't join a netgame without getting a Server Timeout

    Every netgame I join kicks me with the reson being "server timeout" and I have no idea why. Any suggestions?
  17. Chromatian

    Changing Default Resolutions

    How do you change your default resolution? The one I have now seems to cut off some of the letters on the screen, and it's really annoying to change my resolution everytime I play srb2.
  18. Chromatian

    Checksum Mismatch while trying to load...

    Checksum Mismatch while trying to load Name hidden upon request.. Make sure you have the copy of the file the host has. Got unkown net command (38)=76 (Max 0) In other words, I get kicked when trying to load this, or a few other wads during a netgame. Then it gives me this error in the console...
  19. Chromatian

    Top Five Zelda Games?

    Mine would have to be.... 1.) Wind Waker 2.)Majora's Mask 3.)Four Swords Adventure. 4.)A Link to the Past. 5.)Ocarina of Time I still wish I could find some way to play Minis Cap though. :(
  20. Chromatian

    How do I use a different DoomBuilder Config File?

    I want to use the SRB2CB one, but I have no idea how to use it, and when I asked people on IRC or other places, I never got an answer.