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  1. Krabs

    [Reusable] The Chaos Jam

    Krabs submitted a new resource: The Chaos Jam - new maps and enemies for Chaos! Read more about this resource...
  2. Krabs

    The Chaos Jam: a map/lua collaboration (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

    Now that Chaos mode has been released for a while, let's get some content made for it! The Chaos Mode Jam is a 2 week long project, creating new chaos maps and enemies which will be compiled into a single addon. You're encouraged to post progress updates, show gifs, and ask for feedback in this...
  3. Krabs


    sp 1. Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious 2. Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr 3. Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet 4. Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay 5. Ridge Rapids Zone by particle 6. Lava Temple by Vixuzen 7. Koopa Kastle Zone by Glaber 8. Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel 9...
  4. Krabs

    Metal Sonic can phase through enemy team monitors by fully charging a spindash on top

    Tested in CTF with no addons
  5. Krabs

    Elemental shield flames do not properly grav flip when used with the gravity boots monitor

    This does not happen unless the player has the timed gravity flip powerup. It works properly when in standard gravflip sectors such as the ones found in ERZ.
  6. Krabs

    Bubble shield bounce ignores lava

    Not much else to say here
  7. Krabs

    krabvote 2

    singleplayer battlectf arena
  8. Krabs

    The SRB2 podcast: Sonic Robo Cast 2

    Every few weeks or so, tune in as we discuss SRB2-related news including new addon releases, the OLDC, future SRB2 updates, and more. Episodes don't have a consistent schedule, so check back here for updates. We usually try to do one every few weeks.
  9. Krabs

    [Reusable] NotUDMF (Scenery scaling for mappers)

    Seen in gfz2pog, this script allows mappers to change the size of scenery objects, enemies, monitors, and more. This script is activated in the level header, like so: Lua.FakeUDMF = 20 Lua.EnemySize = 120 Lua.MonitorSize = 112 Lua.RingSize = 105 Lua.TokenSize = 160 Lua.StarpostSize = 110...
  10. Krabs


    Collab edit of gfz2 that was made for no reason. It's a bit messy in some places, and some rooms weren't edited very much, but it was really fun to help make this. Thanks to everyone who participated and gave feedback. Replaces MAP02. Contributors: Krabs XStatic happyalm LazyMK Kwiin...
  11. Krabs

    Fixed The "reloadbans" command actually just wipes ban.txt clean

    Tested using the command on the title screen, also occurred on a dedicated server using reloadbans in adedserv.cfg
  12. Krabs

    "Z_Free: wrong id" crash when loading into a map which worked in 2.2.6

    As of 2.2.7, loading into MAP40 (Launch Base Zone) of the Battle Community Map Pack causes a "Z_Free: wrong id" crash when it did not in 2.2.6.
  13. Krabs

    Fixed using `objectplace -silent` no longer exits objectplace

    Before 2.2.7, I used a keybind for `objectplace -silent` and would use it to toggle in and out of objectplace. As of 2.2.7, that command now prints "no mobj type delegated to thing type 0" and only allows entering objectplace, not exiting it.
  14. Krabs


    In battle ctf and arena, the gamemodes in which I have submitted two maps each, I assume that I am supposed to rank my own maps above all others but I can rank them among themselves in any way I choose. Singleplayer Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro Toffee Tor Zone, Act 1 by RoyKirbs Wild West Zone...
  15. Krabs

    OLDC playtest data thread

    I've recently released the addon Feedback, which tracks comments made by players during playtests as well as tracks death locations. For anyone using this addon to host netgames, this thread is a good place to post your .txt files so mapmakers can load them up and read comments that players have...
  16. Krabs

    [Reusable] Feedback v3.1 - see comments and death spots in your map like in Mario Maker

    How to use it: 1) Host a netgame or play singleplayer with the data recording script L_Feedback-v1.lua added 2) Add comments using the 'comment' console command or the '!comment' chat command. Death points in the map will also be recorded! 3) Data will be exported to luafiles/Deaths.txt and...
  17. Krabs

    Backslashes in player names become line breaks when capturing the flag

    Example gif using the name "test\t2\t3\\\\t4"
  18. Krabs

    GFZ1 but you can leave

    g o o d b y e (I made this as a test to demonstrate how mapmakers can move away from the old style of thok barriers - ideally, the player would be prevented from actually jumping off the map using invisible barriers, but I thought it would be funny to release the thing as-is)
  19. Krabs

    [Reusable] Rebound Dash

    Download Speedrun & Tricks Showcase The rebound dash is a brand new ability for Sonic which replaces the thok. It's still a quick air dash, but this ability has a lot of additional tricks that the thok couldn't do. Also included is a demonstration map which is an edit of gfz1 that...
  20. Krabs

    Lua: CONS_Printf does not work during intermissions

    I doubt this is intended behavior - CONS_Printf shows a warning message that it can only be used in a level.