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    [Reusable] Cole Colors 1

    Cole Colors add new 7 Colors like Rainbow, Flashing, and more.
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    [Reusable] Cole Colors

    Cole207 submitted a new resource: Cole Colors - Rainbow and Flashing colors Read more about this resource...
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    Collectible Ducks - Collectible Ducks Version 1.1

    - bonusducks cvar flags was changed to netvar to prevent the server from resynching - the bonus ducks can now respawn
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    Collectible Ducks

    Cole207 updated Collectible Ducks with a new update entry: Collectible Ducks Version 1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [Reusable] Mirror Mode

    This ambient lightning broke the model rotation. turning off ambient lightning will fix the problem
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    SRB2 with Salt Edits 1

    I was bored of this vanilla level, so I used editing software to make your own levels. SO Here's SRB2 with Salt Edits! I made few maps replacements including Normal Levels, Boss Arenas and Special Stages Check the List of Edited Maps below. Some Bolded Outlined maps requires Software Mode...
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    SRB2 with Salt Edits

    Cole207 submitted a new resource: SRB2 with Salt Edits - Edited Normal Levels, Boss Arenas and Special Stages Read more about this resource...
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    Special Stage Timer Decrease Faster when walking on/under lava while wearing a Flame Shield

    Found this bug when the Flame Shield touches the Lava on the Special Stage, the timer decrease faster. Here's the gif below.
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    What's In Store For v2.2.10(On Hold for now)

    will 2.2.9 increase the addon limit and skin limit? maybe increase the Max Player Count from 32 to 512. (Player x Start + (Parameter * 32)) or is there's an unlockable Kart Mode?
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    What's In Store For v2.2.10(On Hold for now)

    My Top 15 New Features that haven't merged to 2.2.9
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    Bubsy the Bobcat

    Why does he dies instantly when touching water without shield. Here's the list of Levels that is not beatable
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    Easy Mode

    Cole207 submitted a new resource: Easy Mode - Is This Easy Mode? Read more about this resource...
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    Easy Mode 1

    Lower the Difficulty for Beginner Players and Replaces Hard Enemies and Obstacles. Special Stage Timer are DOUBLE so you will make Special Stages Easier with Unlimited Powerups in NIGHTS levels. It also decreases the health for bosses.
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    [Level Pack] SI-HTpak

    For some reason, the Encore Music for Dimensional Cruise doesn't play.
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    CHAOS CONTROL! Time Stop for Kart! (kl_timestop.lua)

    CHAOS CONTROL! This LUA script adds 1 command and 1 valuable for the admins or the hosted player to time stop THE WORLD! timestop - Time stop everything except 1st Player or All Players! ts_stopkarts - during timestop, you can pause other players when it set to "True".
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    [PK3] Cole207 Custom Tracks Pack (Version 1.1)

    My first custom tracks pack is here! Screenshots! OhNo Cup UFO Cup Battle Maps Version 1.1 Changelist
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    [Reusable] Boss Plus (Let's make this boss harder)

    This script will make you bosses harder with new attack patterns. NOTE: Only apply on vanilla bosses. if you want to put on The True Arena, go ahead.
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    [Reusable] Mystery Monitor Roulette (Version 1.1.1) - What's inside the Monitor.

    I created a script that can activate the Roulette when you broke a Mystery Monitor. Press TOSS FLAG button to Use an Monitor Icon/Stop the Roulette There's also 9 new Monitor Icons that I Created Triple Items 3 is better then one. Spinbobert Steals an Monitor Icon from the Enemy Player. 7...
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    [Reusable] Flicky Recolors

    Flickies are Recolored with a set of random colors. GFX edit and Lua Scripting includes Changing the color of the Flicky after defeating an enemy or when it spawns from the map thing. This also work with custom skin colors too.
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    [Reusable] Emerald Hunt Special Stages (Version 1.1)

    Hello I made my own Special Stages but this time, It's in Emerald Hunt Mode. He's Purely level scripted, Colored Emerald Shards Scatters in 7 EH Special Stage Levels. Collect all 3 Shards to win a Chaos Emerald. Be quick before the time runs out!