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  1. Netro

    F. Sonic

    I mean, it is my opinion after all, and I was just voicing it. To retort to the Super Sonic sprite, Sonic's quills matched up with Super Sonic with how slim they were. Here, they look like they went on a diet when Sonic transformed.
  2. Netro

    F. Sonic

    I'm probably the oddball here, but I absolutely hate how Super Sonic looks here. I don't know what it is about him, but his quills look absolutely awful in my opinion, they're way too thin in comparison to every other normal Sonic variant we've had, including this one, it's as if his quills...
  3. Netro

    [Reusable] Egghide v1.1 - semi-permanently invulnerable boss

    This is exactly how I hoped it would be, as I had the idea of doing this myself. I hate it when people beat me to the punch. Anyways, this is great, really fun.
  4. Netro

    Can't play on modded servers

    This has been a problem for this computer only since 2.0. The game locks up when trying to join the server and if I Alt+Tab to change tabs or to bring the task manager up, the resolution bugs out and the coloration outright spazzes out, when I do manage to bring the task manager up, the game...
  5. Netro

    I hosted a server

    I hosted a server earlier today that held like 8 people without c-failing once, and then I crashed at CEZ3 just as we were about to beat the boss. Ruined everything. It lasted for a hour or so without c-failing. I'm proud of 2.1.3 right now for how long we lasted. Tell me how long you guys have...
  6. Netro

    [Reusable] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    This was a very good level, it had good level design, plenty of places to explore if you get off track, and it was really fun. My only problems with it is that there are too many slippery parts, which was very irritating but tolerable, there is also a bug in which when I load it up, any level I...
  7. Netro

    Unofficial Clan Thread!

    Hello people, I am Netro. (Not the other one I was here before him, I just forgot my password.) This thread will be for posting clans. I will show you my clan and what format your post should be in. Clan Name: Red Emerald Army. Acronym: <R.E.A.> Prefered Team Color: Red. Allies: Any clan...