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  1. Zanyhead

    Isolated Case DSZ Mines Disappearing

    The mines from DSZ disappear rather than chase you if you are holding onto a swinging chain as you pass them.
  2. Zanyhead

    Anyone else disappointed?

    To tell you the truth, I am truly angry at 2.0's single player campaign, here's why: The new save system sucks, with the length of the new zones, it is annoying to not be able to save every act. The new enemies are either annoying or boring There is no ability to choose difficulty Deep Sea...
  3. Zanyhead

    The Team Fortress 2 Topic (Or TTFTT)

    Well as far as I know, we don't have a topic on Team Fortess 2, and it is really awesome and discussable, so, say your favorite class, discuss the new weapon updates, or whatever! For those unaware of it's existance:
  4. Zanyhead

    Boingus Sounds Beta (Boingusbeta.wad)

    A little sound pack I've been working on, currently has: * Voices for the characters: - Hit - Die - Victory * Shield Generation Planned to have: + New "Pop" sound + New Thok/Ring Toss sound Anything else you might like in the pack? Download link...
  5. Zanyhead

    Sound replacements?

    I know music WADs are against the rules, but how about sound WADs? They could be entertaining. (Just cause I'm sitting on a sound pack and want to release it.)
  6. Zanyhead

    Zanyhead's Editing Questions

    A few cue-vest-e-ons: 1. Can a Starpost special sector work without the starpost thing? 2. Where would SOC merges go in the code? 3. Where is the code for number counters (Score, Rings, etc.) and how can I change them to bars?
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    Strong Bad Wiiware Game DISCUSS.
  8. Zanyhead

    Need Ray model

    Does anyone still have the Ray model that Light Dasher released in This topic? Cause the download link is expired and if I recall correctly, Light Dasher's hard drive engsmsploded. If anyone has it, please PM me a download link, thanks in advance.
  9. Zanyhead

    Opinion Needed! (Sparkster Sprite)

    What do you think, should I continue it? EDIT: Sykotic's wireframes don't suck!
  10. Zanyhead

    My first non-music release to the world! (Zanytextures.wad) And...(spoiling the wonder) SCREENSHOTS! Greenflower Techno Hill Flame rift (ZOMG!)
  11. Zanyhead

    The Demented Cartoon Game

    *Doo doo doo doo doodoo* WHEEEE! *SPLAT!* Mod for srb2! Progress: Character (Awesome blah): Stand: Walk, jump, attack, etc: Uhh... And before you ask, yes, it WILL feature everything you love/hate from the demented cartoon movie, including the un-detailed blocky feel of the world!
  12. Zanyhead

    Dynamite Headdy mod/fan sequel

    As Draykon already knows, I am making a Dynamite headdy fan sequel based off of srb2, as a side project to squirrel world. But I need help. Here's what's done so far: (He has no head because the head is a seperate thing.) Characters/Spriting: Me HEADDY : 5% done HEATHER : 0.1% done Levels...
  13. Zanyhead

    Squirrel World is up again! WOO HOO!

    And with a new style for the character! (I'm starting over... to make it better!) Front! Side! Back! I'm also going to include an executable with the release! EXE features: Loss of only a few nuts rather than all upon taking damage (Varies by difficulty, and by enemy strength): Easy - x...
  14. Zanyhead

    What is wrong with this MAINCFG?

    MAINCFG CATEGORY NUMEMBLEMS = 0 FLASHINGTICS = 1 TAILSFLYTICS = -1 EXTRALIFETICS = -1 TITLESCROLLSPEED = 0 LOOPTITLE = 1 INTROTOPLAY = 1 Level 1 Levelname = Basic Training Act = 0 MusicSlot = 1 NextLevel = 2 TypeOfLevel = 4099 SkyNum = 1 TimeAttack = 1 LevelSelect = 1 nozone = 1 Level 2...
  15. Zanyhead

    funny flash video

    what do you think? I'm a saggatarius.
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    SOC question

    Is it possible to make a health system that is not modified off of rings or score with SOCs? If so, How?
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    Question (i hope it's not dumb)

    How do I record demos?
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    like I said LOOKY!!!
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    Sonic Rush Music Set!

    Currently In open Beta! (will take questions, comments, complaits...anything) Here it is:
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    Which Admin. has the best avatar?

    Just pick