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  1. AlamGBC

    Webm and Youtube silly silly

    now have fun with MP4, WebM and Ogg video files with the video BB code <pre></pre> and for the youtube users, please go by the video ID <pre>GQxFyC72Cvc</pre> GQxFyC72Cvc MUHAHAHAH!
  2. AlamGBC

    POC: SRB2nds port

    Thanks to Oogaland for the NDS interface code and Callum for the libfat patch, there now a broken NDS port of SRB2 How broken is this port: this NDS binary will run out of memory and mess up your FAT filesystem, so keep a backup of flash cart's files and run scandisk/chkdsk/fsck.vfat on it...
  3. AlamGBC

    OpenGL sucks!

    And here is my proof
  4. AlamGBC

    SRB2 Ports list (outdated)

    Monster Iestyn (07 Nov 18): The URLs and downloads in this page are for v2.0, an outdated version of SRB2! For the current version of SRB2, please see our repos on GitLab and GitHub. Note that for the current version of SRB2, only the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are officially supported...
  5. AlamGBC

    Fixed up SOCEdit Index: svn:// =================================================================== --- frmStateEdit.frm (revision 1158) +++ frmStateEdit.frm (revision 1159) @@ -605,7...