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  1. BlazeFan1

    Custom Textures

    I need to make some custom textures for a level I have in progress. I checked the wiki and I don't see any information on making your own textures. Can someone explain how to make a new texture, please? (Either that, or SpiritCrusher will come along and direct me to a wiki page I couldn't...
  2. BlazeFan1

    .rar files

    Does anyone know what exactly a .rar file is and how I use it? Like, for example, Fawfulfan's tortured planet can be downloaded as a .rar. I haven't played the most recent version of TP because I don't know what program runs/opens/extracts .rar files. So for that, and other reasons, I'd...
  3. BlazeFan1

    Setting up SOC editor

    Hi folks. I've got some rather... erm... unusual SRB2 projects in the planning stage right now, and I can't really do them until I figure out how to make my own SOC's. I'm perfectly content to learn how through the wiki. But I can't edit the SOC's until I get the SOC editor to work. Now...
  4. BlazeFan1

    Very complicated FOF stuff

    I somehow doubt this is possible, but I figured I'd check with the experts. I'm trying to create a gimmick with platforms that slowly, steadily sink. When they hit the bottom, they dissappear and new ones appear at the top. The challenge is to climb quickly enough to counteract the sinking...
  5. BlazeFan1

    Now that the music works... more questions.

    A post I had up yesterday dealt with my concerns regarding adding custom music. That has been taken care of. But this brings up new concerns regarding releasing it. As you might know, I'm planning to enter a level in the OLDC, (probably the March-April one, unless I get a serious chunk of...
  6. BlazeFan1

    Implementing Custom Music

    I'm fiddling with custom music for an OLDC level I'm working on. (Nowhere near done in case you all are wondering...) and I'm having trouble figuring out how to put the music into the wad. The wiki explains it, but only using the program XWE. Does anyone know if it can be done with SLumpEd...
  7. BlazeFan1

    Swinging Chains?

    I'm trying a new gimmick on a level I'm working on; and it involves swinging chains, like those in Castle Eggman. Weirdly, I can't find anything about constructing those on the wiki. Can someone please either explain the process or direct me to the hidden wiki page for swinging chain design?
  8. BlazeFan1

    Chex Quest: Another interesting Doom Spinoff

    Anyone else who has explored the world of Doom related games like SRB2 has probably come across chex quest. That game has seriously got to be the most amusing thing to ever be given away in a cereal box. The first game was released in 1996 in cereal boxes and the second one could be...
  9. BlazeFan1

    New Boss coming?

    If news of this has already gotten out, forgive me, I haven't seen it. I was on the wiki, looking at the music slot numbers, when I noticed that track 24 (previously "Boss remix" or something like that,) has been changed to "Metal Sonic Battle" So... is a fight with Metal Sonic coming into...
  10. BlazeFan1

    Spoiler Tags

    How do I make that spoiler button that hides a section of text until pressed in a forum post?
  11. BlazeFan1

    The Chase is On pack V4.0 - (s_sonicchase.wad)

    "Sonic: The Chase is on!" is a short levelpack containing the six stages I have built over the few months since I began developing levels. This is version 4.0! This is the biggest overhaul of this pack BY FAR since its original release. A vast amount of changes were made to v4.0, including: -A...
  12. BlazeFan1

    Lava vs. Slime.

    I often see people commenting on other's levels that their lava is just "slime in disguise". This is apparently a big deal to some people, and since I am getting started on some levels featuring lava and slime, I'd like to know what "truly" constitutes each. How I can avoid making this...
  13. BlazeFan1

    Our Custom Files not affected by 2.0.5- right?

    Any levels we've made since the release of v.2.0 with Doom Builder or whatever will still work in 2.0.5 right? Or do we all have to go get a new version of Doom Builder and start designing from scratch again? I think it should be fine, but I wanted to check because I'm keeping 2.0.4 for the...
  14. BlazeFan1

    Several Editing Questions

    I'm working on several things at once right now, and have several questions for you more experienced editors again. 1. With the textures ERZWIN and ERZWIN2 (and for that matter any texture that contains or is a window.) How do you make the window see-through? I put ERZWIN onto a level to see...
  15. BlazeFan1

    Settling my screenshot issue-once and for all

    Hi folks. I've been having issues with using screenshots since I joined this community. As a rookie stage designer, I kind of need to post screenshots about my levels to attract more players. I know how to take a screenshot, and that it is saved into my SRB2 folder, but that still leaves...
  16. BlazeFan1

    Making the Egg Slimer Work

    When I put the Egg Slimer Boss into a level, it dies instantly upon testing the level. I went to the thing types section of the wiki and read about the Egg Slimer, but it does not mention this. How do I get it to work?
  17. BlazeFan1

    A few design issues.

    I'm working on yet another level, and I have a few issues that need resloving and questions answered. 1. Important- When I stand in a certain area and face a certain direction in my map, the game SIGSEGV's and crashes. What causes those, and are they fixable? 2. I'm trying to make an area...
  18. BlazeFan1

    Lake Adventure Zone v1.1-overhaul complete (s_lakeadventure.wad)

    Lake Adventure Zone is level 3 of a group of levels I'm creating called... well, I'm not revealing that just yet. Anyway, here's the story bit. Eggman flew away from the promontory on Mt. Crumble, cackling to himself. "It looks like he's flying out over lake Adventure" said Tails. Sonic...
  19. BlazeFan1

    River Currents

    I can easily make a river. I just don't know how to make a current. All I want is a shallow (not deep enough to count as underwater) river, with a current that pulls you along to the end. Can someone explain how to do that? Once I put this river in, my new stage will be complete, so please...
  20. BlazeFan1

    Outer walls of tunnels- Fixing height?

    Whenever I make a tunnel, the wall above the enterance and exit sticks waaay up to whatever the ceiling height is, while the rest of the walls remain at their set heights. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, follow the link to see an example screen...