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    Recommended Map Editor?

    It has been a while since I have done any level editing for Srb2. I'm wondering if there are any specific map editors anyone could recommend to me. I have Windows 8.1 on my computer. I was thinking of going back to the Srb2 Doom Builder but I feel like it may be outdated. Regardless, any...
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    Minus (minus.wad)

    I love how you can be immune to many things using Minus, so much fun to use. Makes Brak Eggman so much easier and other bosses as well.
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    Fixed Internal game map 'MAPF9' is not found, Nimbus Ruins is not Nimbus, and other errors.

    Just as the title suggests, Dual Fortress Zone for the CTF gametype is broken. When I click on it I get the Internal game map error and the game crashes. When I click on Nimbus Ruins it takes me straight to Dual Fortress Zone with the Level Header of Nimbus Ruins.
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    Sonic Box Art Artist Dies

    Greg Martin, the Sonic box art artist who worked on the box art for titles such as Sonic 2, Sonic CD and others, passed away on January 3rd. In addition to working on these titles he also did a lot of work on various cartoons and other video game titles as well. Click on the following link if...
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    Srb2 Error Can't Create file .\$$$.sav

    A friend of mine has downloaded Srb2 2.0.6 and the patch for 2.0.7, but when he tries joining servers he gets the following error: Can't create file .\$$$.save: disk full ? His computer is brand new, so he still has plenty of space on his computer. Could anyone help solve this problem? All help...
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    An Srb2 Doom Builder Saving Error

    Alright, so I started using the Srb2 Doom Builder on a new computer. Things seemed fine after a while, but then one day this random error occured after I tried saving my map. 'Error 5 while saving map: Invalid procedure call or argument' This error happens randomly after I start working on the...
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    A problem saving maps on the Srb2 Doom Builder

    Recently I've been having problems saving my maps on the Srb2 Doom Builder. More specifically this one: Error 5 while saving map: Invalid procedure call or argument My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit operating system), and from what I've read, I see that this kind of problem usually...
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    Weird Console Key Problem?

    I am not so sure what happened or how it even happened, but for some odd reason my Console Key doesn't seem to be functioning properly. I have all my controls set to their defaults, therefore, making the ~ key be the default console key, but every time I try pressing it nothing happens. I...
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    [Reusable] SCR_SRB2Silver 1 Zone Demo

    Not quite sure if I like your texture choices. From those screenshot's I see things are pretty flat. I'll play the entire wad and give a review later on. Well I took the time to play the wad. I must say you do have a decent start here, but you still have to work on a few things. For the first...
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    [WIP]Viridity Woodland

    A few months ago, I posted a topic on here asking for help on what would make a Coop successful/how to make a Coop wad. By 'Coop' I mean a wad the requires more than one player to complete a single level. A week ago I began working on such a wad and this is what I came up with...
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    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    Funny how the music zip has more views than the actual game zip.
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    Advice/tips for Coop Levels

    When I first started to use the Doom Builder I began by creating 3 coop levels. I soon lost interest in them and left them. Around a week ago I was looking though my folder and rediscovered them. I looked at it and I really did not like what I was seeing. These 3 levels are the only Coop levels...
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    [Reusable] SRB2 Asset Pack v2.0

    You sir deserve a cookie and 5 stars. =D
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    Fixed Sectors missing death pit effect in Nimbus Ruins

    I am not so sure if someone already posted this somewhere else, but there are still sectors in Nimbus Ruins that are missing the death pit effect or sector effect 7. Sectors 34,35,36,37,38,40,43,44,45,46,49,50,51,52,53 and 54 are all missing this sector effect. Here's a picture as proof: Sorry...
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    [Reusable] Grassy Grenade Zone Match v1.3.2

    Hehe sure does look much better. If you ever need a helper I'm always around.
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    How to loop music in Srb2

    Is it possible to loop music in Srb2 and if so how is it done? I have added a song that is not part of Srb2 onto one of my maps and every time it plays it starts back to the beginning. I want to know if it is possible to loop the song. Help is greatly appreciated.