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  1. ThunderNova

    Frost Coppice Zone (r_frostcoppice) BIG UPDATE

    A map I made a while ago but have yet to release, Frost Coppice Zone! I have worked on this map for over a year and have dramatically improved its details from start to finish, only just recently resuming work on the level. There are very few errors, with the exception of a few graphical...
  2. ThunderNova

    A simple FOF question.

    You know how checking the "Lower unpegged" flag on a linedef and putting a texture on the upper and lower middle of a Sector can create side textures like this: ? Well, I would like to know, is it possible to do the same thing to a Floor over Floor sector? I read the wiki and tried various...
  3. ThunderNova

    I need some teleporter help.

    Okay, so I'm trying to put a Teleporter similar to the function of the one in Spring Factory Zone (as seen in the latest contest as of this post), and I have the following set up: The Control Sector part 1 Control Sector part 2 Teleport Destination (The thing is the teleport thing)...
  4. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] f_FranticForest.wad (Frantic Forest Zone 2.0!)

    Since I can't submit this into the Monthly Contest again, I might as well release it. Anyways, here's the Changelog since aforementioned Contest: Got rid of the boring Stair section in-between the Bases and the Middle section, and replaced them with Super-fun-guaranteed Water sections! Got...
  5. ThunderNova

    f_MarioMadness.wad (Mushroom Madness Zone beta)

    After noticing nobody ever brought the concept of Mario levels to Multiplayer, I came up with some ideas, and eventually this level was born. The main gimmick of this map is the two routes: Above ground and underground. There are "Warp pipes" that take you in and out of Underground sections...
  6. ThunderNova

    Error in Srb2Doombuilder.

    I'm currently working on the map seen on my Deviantart, but there is one problem: Something is wrong with either my computer or Doombuilder. Now, what happens? Whenever I go to "Scripts" and select "Edit MAINCFG Lump...", this screen comes up: Clearly, there is an error, but I don't know...
  7. ThunderNova

    Fixed Zoom-tube exit glitch on Twisted Terminal Zone

    (If this hasn't been reported yet, why hasn't it been report yet) When exiting a Zoom-tube while holding a CTF flag, getting hit by an enemy or thrown ring while near or touching a varitable "Ceiling" or just exiting the Zoom-tube will make the flag stick upside-down to the "Ceiling" until...
  8. ThunderNova

    Duplicate Emerald spawn oddity in Cascade Falls Zone

    While playing CTF in a server at Cascade Falls Zone a few days ago, I found this emerald, strangely floating in the air. It was still able to be picked up, which I promptly did after. Then today, I was playing in another server, and I found THIS emerald floating as well: They're both at...
  9. ThunderNova

    That Green Echidna Guy/Steel (W.I.P)

    Introducing the new W.I.P., *currently un-named*! (These are just some of the sprites, I have yet to do any corner sprites) Currently, he is in what I like to call the "beta" stage (all the cfgs are done, as far as the ability goes), so I can test him and see if he works right. CURRENT...
  10. ThunderNova


    I made a song. Linky (clicky) Tell me what you think. P.S. It's very, very heavy metal. You have been warned.
  11. ThunderNova

    Error in Doom Builder

    Whenever I try to open "Edit MAINCFG..." in Doom Builer, I get this error. I just want to know, is this error usual? Are there other files I need to install? I just want to make sure this can be fixed, so I don't have to use SlumpED everytime I want to edit my level's MAINCFG.
  12. ThunderNova

    How did you feel when you beat srb2 fully?

    How did it feel when you beat Sonic Robo Blast 2? I don't mean just beating Brak Eggman, I mean unlocking everything, playing all the levels, and getting Pandora's box. For me, it was a great relief.
  13. ThunderNova

    Fixed Exploitable bug in Twisted Terminal Zone

    This bug will start if you jump onto the top part of the zoom tubes in Twisted Terminal Zone as knuckles. He will gain invincibility, Spam the teleporting sound, and appear to be spinning. This is a minor bug, but can be very exploitable in Hide and Seek or Tag. In fact, the only way around this...
  14. ThunderNova

    A question about the sprites

    Hi, I am back with another question. Where would I find pictures of the sprites from in the game? I need them as a reference for my WAD. Again, I am asking this here because I would like a fast answer.
  15. ThunderNova

    A very n00bish question

    Hi people, I have a very noobish question, if you may. How would you enter the -record demoname -warp## into the system for recording? I asked here, because I would like the quickest answer possible, which I may not get with PMing a mod, seeing as most of the time they aren't on, and I would...
  16. ThunderNova

    Fixed Easy death on ACZ1 (multiplayer)

    I don't know if this belongs here or not, as it isn't much of a "bug", but I'll put it here anyways. When starting the level Arid Canyon Zone 1 in multiplayer with more than one person already playing and TailsPickup off, the spring at the start doesn't propel the players forward; the characters...