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  1. JadenArc

    Hud Question

    If you are in the Discord server you can see that i posted some gifs related to a SRB2Kart hud mod im making, (if you didn't know that i exist, you should see it :threat:) and its complete by my point of view. The problem is, is it ok on releasing it? And should i ask Kart Krew about reusing its...
  2. JadenArc

    Floral Cliffside Zone: Act 2

    Some months ago, i downloaded the Floral Cliffside port from this this thread, which is from this project. After playing the mod, i saw that theres only act 1 and 3, so i was thinking "do i ask for the level, or i do it myself?" Guess what. From the gifs and videos from the Chaos Conflict...