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  1. Lilly

    [Reusable] .Luke's Blaze The Cat - v5

    This is one reason why I wasn't going to port over any of the characters I had created to 2.2; they were already showing their age by 2.1, honestly. They clash so strongly against the undeniable quality of the new character animations for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in 2.2. You couldn't ask for a...
  2. Lilly

    Blaze the Cat v1.2

    So that's what it is? I wish the person who informed me of this had been a little more clear about it. Their PM made it sound like a character with all new assets was already sitting here in releases. If that's the case, I would be alright with the author submitting it here, while my original...
  3. Lilly

    Blaze the Cat v1.2

    A bit late to replying, but someone PM'd me to say there was a better version of Mighty available. (While also offering a patch to improve mine? Seemed redundant.) If that's true, I haven't seen it in Releases either, nor do I really look that far into this board. I've quit playing the game so...
  4. Lilly

    Blaze the Cat v1.2

    I didn't know there was a community Discord. I need to go find a link. =P That's awesome news, Speedwagon! I'm happy to see my favorite Sonic character ever being done your way. Seriously love your work. If Speedwagon's Blaze happens to be finished before 2.2's release, can an admin here...
  5. Lilly

    Blaze the Cat v1.2

    Oh wow this is a huge bump. I've been following the news topics from time to time, and my gut tells me SRB2 may break compatibility with older content once again. (Even if marginally so, when thinking of the leap between and 2.0.) If that happens, I'm not updating these old characters...
  6. Lilly

    Amy Rose Is Here!

    Too bad I don't know any Lua. Art, novels, college, and learning how to not get bodied in fighting games is taking up most of my time commitment lately. What little time I do spend on SRB2 these days goes into figuring out the SOC changes between SRB2 2.0 and 2.1, so I can get Hinote to work...
  7. Lilly

    SRB2 Riders 2.1

    I think I totally forgot 2.1 has some AI code already. (With the Sonic and Tails option existing; haven't played SRB2 in almost a year.) It'd be possible to get that working in Riders with a little Lua, wouldn't it?
  8. Lilly

    SRB2 Riders 2.1

    It would be awesome if Lua written bots existed. One thing I really liked about the original Riders mod was that I could play it offline or online, thanks to ChaosZero implementing JTE bots for single player. That was especially handy for Kart Mode, but I think it's part of a totally different...
  9. Lilly

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Technically, you can add whatever feature you want now that Lua is in the game, including Super Forms. Removing a simple variable to easily set it doesn't change a thing for dedicated content creators. In my case, sadly, I can't justify learning the language, so none of my own skins are decked...
  10. Lilly

    [Reusable] SOConverter

    *maniacally laughs while running to put Hinote's SOC through this* I never would have imagined somebody making a tool to convert those annoying SOC scripts from one version of the game to the next. I see this cutting through a lot of manual labor to porting older content, and might help me...
  11. Lilly

    Vehicles (plus a beta level)

    "Born 2 Sling", MY SIDES. This has to be one of the best uses of LUA since it was introduced. You got me excited, because vehicles are half the reason Halo games are still fun to me at all. Maybe if I played SRB2 online more often than once every five years, I'd get to see how well this works...
  12. Lilly

    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Finally, this community gets a real Shadow to play with, and not the faker I cobbled together in '08. I get mad when anybody ports that ugly thing! (Thank heavens the Submissions board exists, it stopped those things cold.) Even better that he handles differently from everyone else too. That's...
  13. Lilly

    Amy Rose Is Here!

    If I wasn't such a dummy with Lua, I'd love to give her a more helpful ability, and restore her hammer attack too. Ah well, the sprites are dirt old and are in sore need of replacing altogether anyway. God I can't stand how awkwardly I hamfisted bobbing into the walking sprites. Chrispy had it...
  14. Lilly

    Eggman's Jetpack

    Maybe that could be his super form? =P *bricked* Either way, this is a neat skin. We could always use more of Eggman.
  15. Lilly

    [Reusable] Mighty.lua (Wall jump)

    I'm really amazed somebody got Wall Kick to work in SRB2. This is a real testament to what can be accomplished with Lua functionality. I really wished we had this stuff to play with in 1.9x days. I wouldn't have gotten so frustrated over SRB2's limits, that I ragequit from working on content...
  16. Lilly

    Tortured Planet v10.5

    Once Hinote gets updated, I'm downloading this and dumping SRB2 2.0 completely. This was my main reason for holding onto the older release, simply because there was no other way to play Tortured Planet. I'm very happy you updated this level pack, Fawful. It's one of few that stood the test of...
  17. Lilly

    [Reusable] Threat meter: Go faster when people aren't watching!

    This is a really neat idea for a script! I'd have some fun with it if I played online matches. (I should probably fix that, I haven't played a death match on SRB2 since 1.09 versions.)
  18. Lilly

    [Reusable] Sticky feet

    I am getting a massively evily grin from the possibilities here. Something like this would be an interesting perk for a slow character.
  19. Lilly

    Thinking Up Actual Uses for Swim?

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this topic, but I had to air out those thoughts lingering in the back of my mind lately. Now that Swim is actually working, (It doesn't go through the water anymore, right?) it's still the most useless ability ever, at least through most of the...
  20. Lilly

    Sally Acorn (Update 1)

    Those old sprites of mine still terrify me, but it's great someone found a use for them. =P She was in desperate need of a unique ability in 1.09.4 versions. I love what Lua is bringing to the game.