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  1. MosaicMario

    Lossless Soundtrack?

    Hi there, happy new year to everyone. So the soundtrack of this game is available on the main page of SRB2. It is stored in .mp3 files at 128 kB/s. So I want to know if there is a higher quality version or even a lossless quality version available somewhere. I'd really like to know.
  2. MosaicMario

    Steam Controller: thoughts and opinions

    So Valve is about to release their new controller in less than a month and I recently got a pre-order as a gift by someone on my birthday so I am pretty excited on how the new controller will perform in all different kinds of games. And I'm curious on what you think about the new ideas. I think...
  3. MosaicMario

    Cannot open Port 5029. Are there any alternatives?

    To make things clear: We got a new router by our provider. We thought to use this new router as we thought it is better but this was a big mistake. After setting up everything the Internet worked. Adjusted my static IP address to the new router, everything fine until now. But then I hit this...
  4. MosaicMario

    Fixed "Climb" the laser beam from ERZ2 mini-boss with Knuckles

    Actually you're not climbing the laser beam. You just hang on the laser beam for a brief moment and then fall off again.
  5. MosaicMario

    Fixed [2.1.15] No timer displayed in 2.0.X-styled Specialstages

    For example the Mystic Realm Archives Specialstages are those. But however, the timer is still running.
  6. MosaicMario

    Fixed [2.1.15] No respawn invulnerability in Race

    The name of this thread allready says that. It seems like the player is not invincible in the first frame(s) while respawning, but only in Race-Mode.