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  1. MAJD

    i have problem and i really need help

    well the original draw took from me 2 hourse to draw and when i ported it to srb2 this happend i really need help bc i dont wanna the 2 hours go brrrrrrr
  2. MAJD

    is there a "ability3 = CA3 "put what u want", "

    so i want to make thired power and i dont wanna to test it bc i dont wanna to broke anything in my mod so um is there 3rd ability ._.
  3. MAJD

    my first mod ._.

    hey so im one of the people that he wishs to make a srb2 mod so i did'nt set like lazy and i download slade i did what the tutorial did i test it my self but i want to share this mod with people so um lets start uh.... im stupid before anything if someone said "U Stole alt sonic draw" i will...
  4. MAJD

    whats the problem make me cant portforwarding?

    one day i just get bored from srb2 servers so i just said hmm why dont i make my own server and so well i just watch a tutorial how to portforward to srb2 evry thing was good and nice and when i come to login 192.168.l0.1 i see this
  5. MAJD

    Can we make SRB2 2.1 Servers back?

    idk why but i was want to play 2.1 with my friend son in server called "bonk idk idk server" and when i was opeining srb2 2.1 master server baam the master server did'nt open with me i say hmmm maybe my internet conition i checked and nope it was'nt so whats the problem in srb2 2.1 servers?