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  1. Mystery Cheese

    Looking for a Long Lost WAD

    Well... I do remember that quite some time ago, some people were kind enough to test a wad of mine... However... I seem to have misplaced it.. (Got a new HDD, and forgot to backup) Does anyone know if they have a wad name something like TSSv7.wad Or another version something? I would really...
  2. Mystery Cheese

    Fixed An odd glitch

    In Tag mode, I have noticed that a lot of people glitch their way to victory in Infernal Cavern Zone... They somehow find a way to become invincible and just "float" harmlessly of lava forever without dying... They also are stuck in their pain-state animation as well. Now, I myself could not...
  3. Mystery Cheese

    Rail Rings

    Why are rail rings impossible to use for me, yet so easy to use by everyone else? I cannot seem to hit people that are not very far away while both of us are standing still while people have no issue hitting people when they are both using Sonic a full speed. I do not understand. It confuses me...
  4. Mystery Cheese

    What is your style?

    What is your style in multiplayer? How do you respond to an attacker in ctf, run or pursue? I pursue, attack, and run. How do you treat campers? I bomb 'em and run. Are you a camper? No. Do you run in circles to confuse your enemy? Yes, and I toss rings at them in the predicted pathway since...
  5. Mystery Cheese

    Hurricane Earl

    Since I live in eastern NC, I wonder if Earl will destroy my home it it hits us directly. That would really suck. Is anyone else going to be effected?
  6. Mystery Cheese

    Port Forwarding Tutorial

    Is there anyone here that can provide an EXACT walkthrough of port forwarding? DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give me any links to the port forwarding website because I already went there. PLEASE, can someone help me? I have a Linksys WRT54G. Thanks.