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  1. SnocBoi

    Thoughts on the current SRB2 Android folder distribution?

    I think the current way (as of 2.2.9 android) of the srb2 distribution of folders is trash. The main srb2 folder is in the root of the storage device, that's perfectly fine, but the location of the DOWNLOAD folder is in org.stjr.srb2 folder in Android/Data and that's just inconvenient. If you...
  2. SnocBoi

    2.2 or 2.1 spin dash power.

    What do you prefer? The loud and fast 2.1 spin dash? Or the more slower and fancier 2.2 spin dash? Mine is 2.2 because is fancy and it feels that when you're charging it, that you're gonna zoom past a level setpiece!
  3. SnocBoi

    Why isn't there any momentum in Srb2?

    And by that I mean, why do the characters don't gain momentum by going down slopes? Is there any design choice that prevents this? Because it IS possible (momentum by cobaltbw, classic physics and XMomentum come to mind).
  4. SnocBoi

    Did the Srb2 engine introduce FOF?

    So, I was playing around in Zandronum loading Srb2 maps (especially final demo zone) when I noticed that bridges, platforms and other things were missing, then I remembered that Zandronum doesn't have FOFs and these objects were broken. Then I thought to myself "did Srb2 introduced FOFs?" And...
  5. SnocBoi

    How do I play LAN?

    A friend and I are trying to play LAN but we can't, can anyone help us?
  6. SnocBoi

    Duplicate NPC Amy at frozen hillside crashes game

    It only happened to me twice, if she hugs you and you look around to much it crashes the game, anybody knows why?
  7. SnocBoi

    Amy in frozen hillside crashes game...

    Does anybody know why this happened or have experienced the same issue?