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  1. CheddarVG

    N64 Mario

    He works well with Pipe Towers Zone.
  2. CheddarVG

    Why do you like SRB2?

    The reason I love SRB2 is not just the fact that it's a fangame designed to emulate the classic gameplay in 3D, or the fact that it looks like the Saturn game we never got, It's super moddable, thanks to being built on the DOOM Engine. These can range from a simple sound/music replacement, to...
  3. CheddarVG

    Modern Sonic

    Hey, thanks.
  4. CheddarVG

    Henry Fail Messages

    I got some fail message ideas for things that don't have fail messages. Pophat: I think Frosty's turned on you. Penguinator: This guy seems awfully familiar. Eggman monitor: Whoa, this channel is killer! Lasers: Henry, get away from the beam!
  5. CheddarVG

    Modern Sonic

    Specifically, the one from the trailer of the Generations mod, Unleashed Project.
  6. CheddarVG

    [MP Level] SFA Simple Map 1

    Oh boy, Star Fox Assault. I loved that game growing up.
  7. CheddarVG

    [Reusable] Flower Hillside Zone

    All the ice melted.
  8. CheddarVG

    [Reusable] Sean's Kart Character Pack - v3 (Banjo & Kazooie)

    I love that Sans rides his little scooter.
  9. CheddarVG

    [Reusable] Zigzagoon

    It's the lad
  10. CheddarVG

    [Reusable] Countdown Mode (V3.1)

    Wait, is this the mode from CTGP Revolution?