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  1. DanteEX

    SetDisplayMode Failed...

    SetDisplayMode Failed: Function Call Not Supported. That's the error I get when I run Srb2. I've never had an error with Srb2 before so I'm pretty clueless. I have all files and launchers in my folder. So I'd appreciate it if someone could help me.
  2. DanteEX

    Link's Mini Adventure

    This is a movie about Link (Another space and time one of course) that goes on an adventure after running away from home. There will be about 9 parts. Part 1: Desc: A young, troublesome boy named Link decides to fool off around town after his parents...
  3. DanteEX

    Super Mario Rpg- The Shadow Princess

    A little something I'm working on. Made these in about two hours. Trailer: Opening Theme:
  4. DanteEX

    Dante's comic(Recolor warning!)

    I bet you can't guess who made this comic, Heh heh. Anyways, this is season 1, and comes with deleted scenes. Enjoy.
  5. DanteEX

    Joke WAD:8-bit Megaman

    Okay,I'm starting my first joke WAD.8-bit Megaman.I made a full rotate and two walking frames so far.There are two pictures,but really,there's more. Anyway.I know I'm not gonna quit...
  6. DanteEX

    Chaos neutral chao(Requested by Sath)

    This is not fully completed cause there's a problem.When you glide then you let go it messes up.Can someone see what the problem is?Anyway here's the link. Edit:Screenies:
  7. DanteEX

    Tails Chao

    Finally,I redid this.Okay the reason I redid this is cause Sails wanted it. So I don't really need this but I'll realese it anyway.This is my first character WAD.IT took about 1 hour to make,No joke. I can't post screenies cause something is wrong with the picture taking so if anyone would want...
  8. DanteEX

    Adventures of Coolo

    Well making my first mod.It's acually my first usable WAD too. Most of the credit goes to Jman,cause i'm just recoloring his Narutomod. This is what is done so far. Badguy(blue ony,no dead sprites yet,scratch that,I finished those.) First boss done. Rings are mana. Bomb rings are fire magic. If...
  9. DanteEX

    Change name pernounciation

    How do you type words like é,with that thing above it.
  10. DanteEX

    LightDash shoes

    Someone on a netgame said you can find the lightdash shoes in SRB2.Is that true?
  11. DanteEX

    Tails Chao

    I'm almost done remaking it and I used the sprites Cory gave me.It's 79% done.
  12. DanteEX


    This topic is for when you wanna everyone to know your hosting a netgame,talk about a netgame you just played or played some time ago,what netgame you want hosted, and problems with the master server. I forgot IP hosting.
  13. DanteEX


    What's your favorite sports? My favorite is FootBall and DodgeBall.
  14. DanteEX

    Srb2:The Black Emerald.

    Does anyone have it because I wanna play it.Who was it made by anyway?
  15. DanteEX

    My comics

    Every day i'm gonna make a new comic.If I don't post it then i'll post all the one's missed on one day here's my first one...
  16. DanteEX

    Hair Color

    What's everyone's hair color?Mine is Dark brown.
  17. DanteEX

    Debug mode in Sonic 3

    Does anyone know what debug mode is and how to use it in Sonic 3?
  18. DanteEX

    Time attacks.

    Post your best time for every level. Green flower zone act 1 0:25 Green flower zone act 2 0:50 Techno hill zone act 1 1:19 Techno hill zone act 2 1:56 Castle eggman zone act 1 2:05 Castle eggman zone act 2 2:57 Boss 1 0:19 Boss 2 0:59 Boss 3 1:03
  19. DanteEX

    Disapearing topics.

    I've noticed some topics like my Sonic music and the sonic 1,2,and 3 debug mode are disapearing what happened?
  20. DanteEX

    Akuma TH

    Okay for all you Akuma's out there where did you get that name?(is it tta?)