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  1. Panda.

    Falling lava can crush players

    Go inside a falling lava. When you jump, it will say that you were crushed...?
  2. Panda.

    Capturing the flag can change cecho/csay enviroment

    When you csay/cecho text, it's always caps on. But try capturing the flag and its letters won't be capped on and fads out instead of disappearing immediately. I think csay/cecho now follows the CTF screen text system and won't revert unless you reset the game
  3. Panda.

    Turrets can see Spectators and shot them

    As a spectator, turrets will still aim on you and shot shoots into you
  4. Panda.

    "Screenshot" and "GIF Recording" in Control Setup doesn't set back to "F8" and "F9"

    "Screenshot" and "GIF Recording" in Control Setup doesn't set back to "F8" and "F9" In Controls Setup, It is impossible for the opinions "Screenshot" and "GIF Recording" to set back its default controls "F8" and "F9". But the controls even if you remove them, they still active
  5. Panda.

    Console prints the wrong server when selecting a one and connecting to other one byIP

    Just a minor bug. Go to the menu server list and select a server but don't join there, stay at your selection. Go back, open console and join to other server by IP but not the server you have selected in the menu. As you see, it prints in console that you joined to the server you have...
  6. Panda.

    Entering zoom tube and disabling alwaysmlook in the same time hacks the mouse

    Before you enter the Zoom Tube, change your aim to up or down and enter there then change you alwaysmlook to off. Once you got out and gravity changed and you will see your previous aim stuck and can't aim up or down anymore until you enable your alwaysmlook...
  7. Panda.

    Confirmed Netgames can also lag if you hold the window bar with your mouse

    You can just go to windowed mode. Hold the window bar (and don't touch the game, so the mouse will be stuck in the game and won't get out) for like 5 seconds. You will notice that the server is going to be frozen, the server will be completely lagged until you stop holding the bar. and any...
  8. Panda.

    Rising Platforms (I.F.B) throw you up when you get from down through up from it

    Rising Intangible from down makes you get thrown to top. If it is rising to up, then get under it and use spring/flying to get through up from it and it will throw you to top high.
  9. Panda.

    Make Custom Characters saveable to saveslots (SP)

    There's a strange way to use custom characters for Single player and make them able to be saved to saveslots. But only in other mods. That's what I did, I firstly added a custom character (Shadow.wad). then added a map mod (sc_Heroesv3.wad). then have a nice time at SP with your custom...
  10. Panda.

    Fixed Mario blocks textures don't update with new joined players

    I have noticed that new joined players don't get the Mario Blocks texture that looks brown when the block is empty. It only happens when the player joins to the server and the map is on. But if you reseted the map and the player is still in your server, he can get the updated texture when he...
  11. Panda.

    Thwomps makes 2 monitors in the same distination goes up to it.

    If you active a Thwomp that had two monitors under (in the same place), they got quickly pulled to the Thwomp and through FOF even the FOF is solid. and then the monitors got down again (but with a diffirent heights) once the Thwomp got down.
  12. Panda.

    Fixed Spectators can trigger Thwomps

    How strange that Spectators is able to make Thwomps crush Spectators and trigger them.
  13. Panda.

    Fixed Verify 0 make you no longer to add a file if you are a host.

    I don't think that will recall a bug, but this issue happens with hosters only. Try to admin yourself (verify 0), add a file and then it won't be added. It only shows you how to use addfile command. But it doesn't happen that in most wads, When doing the same thing with other wad it lags the...
  14. Panda.

    SSF2 Remapped Stages

    Super Smash Flash 2 Remapped stages! Yeah finally, After I done making over 50 Maps by myself and I finally submit this here! This stages were remapped from a game called Super Smash Flash 2. These maps are all for match, and there's a one for co-op which called Waiting room where you...
  15. Panda.

    [Reusable] Taunts Voices for characters (Custom characters too)

    Taunt Voices for Characters! First of all, pressing Custom Action 2 makes your character shout various taunts. Each character has a different set of taunts, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, as well as some custom characters, Shadow, Silver, Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Amy, Metal Sonic...
  16. Panda.

    SADX Emerald Shine (SC_EmeraldShine)

    SADX Emerald Shine. This new version's entrance is in GreenFlower Act 1. :] It's the Emerald Shine from the SADX ( I Added the black emerald too ._. ) Thanks to the authors of the Trees that I got from Google. This wad lets Tails and Knuckles go super! I Hope everyone will like this...
  17. Panda.

    So many eggmans = I got no score.

    I don't know if that a netcode bug or already shown but.. Sometimes, When I fight the boss, I got no score after the score tally, and the current map music still active.