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  1. Snowy

    Votes from me

    N-1: Oasis Palace N-2: Wild West N-3: Toffee Tor N-4: Cluttered Caverns N-5: Hectic Harbor N-6: Overgrown Heights N-7: Aqua Paradise N-8: Metallic Madness [Good Future] N-9: Anteggtica N-10: Shadow of Atlantis N-11: Rustic Templar N-12: Hall of Heroes N-13: Wasteland Wilds N-14: Concordian Coast...
  2. Snowy

    Snowy's Winter Workshop: A level showcase

    I don't do much other than occasionally try to make some levels for srb2. And here I guess I'll be posting gifs of what I'm working on so at least someone can see it and know I tried. I also go into... a LOT of detail. I hope I'm doing this editing post thing right! First up, my most recent...
  3. Snowy

    Metal Sonic: The good and the bad (in my eyes)

    Forgive me if this seems a bit cluttered or worse for wear, I haven't used forums in quite a while. Anyway, onto the main point. Metal Sonic, the last boss before Black/Brak Eggman. The good ol' duplicate. I think he's in need of a rework of some sort, though possibly not a major one. Below are...
  4. Snowy

    [Reusable] Green Flower Forest Zone - GFFZ

    Oh boy, my first submission, and it's my first (Albeit short) map, too! Originally made to be a three act zone, the second act was scrapped in favor of releasing act 1 and the boss on their own. Greenflower Forest is an 'alternative take' on GFZ, taking place within a forest that Sonic hopes to...