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  1. Torgo

    SRB1 Remake assets public release.

    As you guys know, SRB1 Remake is long, boring and incomplete, so I originally rejoined the dev team to try to see if I can make it more fun. Having a full time job and just not much passion for making maps and learning things like slopes and lua, is making that less and less likely so I feel it...
  2. Torgo

    Not all of the polyobject flats are rendered in ACZ1

    Not major, but might as well fix it now that we can.
  3. Torgo

    Fixed PNAMES possibly corrupt

    I don't know if this was XWE's fault, or if you guys already fixed this, but in this post, it shows the PNAMES being corrupt. If there are spaces in certain entries in the PNAMES lump, then it should be fixed so they don't have them.
  4. Torgo

    Does the WAD judging system need change?

    This is a bit different from the "Does the MB need more judges?" thread, although the idea came from that thread before it split off. If you feel like there needs to be some change in the system, if it be that it shouldn't exist, or have more or less restrictions, then this is the thread to...
  5. Torgo

    Games that lots of people don't like, but you do.

    In response to the other topic, I decided to make the exact opposite since I probably like more games that people often don't like then the other way around. The original Sonic Robo Blast - Even though it has MS Paint graphics and the annoying killingdead glitch, it has a certain charm to it...
  6. Torgo

    Can't connect to the Master server? Look here!

    The first thing you will need to check is your version number. Use the console and type VERSION. If your version number is 2.0.4, then congratulations, you are completely updated. If you have 2.0.1, 2.0.2, or 2.0.3 then download the 2.0.4 patch found on the download section of If you...
  7. Torgo

    Cash for gold in USA

    You may have noticed the commercials that advertise "Cash for Gold". It is a store that you trade your gold (like jewelery and such) for cash. What do you think of this program? Does it have other implications? I will respond in a later post, but I want to see what others think.
  8. Torgo

    Attachments system broke with IE (Fixed)

    Since I don't want this topic to become a browser war topic, this topic will be locked.
  9. Torgo


    I know this falls under a rule already, but it has been neglected. We will no longer tolerate posts that have something on the lines of "This looks cool! *downloads*". This falls under the subcategory of Rule 3: Do not post useless lines. The creator does not need to know if you are currently...
  10. Torgo

    Amount of posts per page increased.

    You might think that some of the posts were deleted, since there isn't as many pages on a particular topic. This is more likely to be the cause of Shadowhog increasing the amount of posts per page. Now you will be able to see 20 posts on one page, as opposed to 15 posts.
  11. Torgo

    The new "Post a picture of yourself"

    Hey guys, I think we should have a more serious post a picture of yourself here. I kinda want to keep it 13 and older for here. I think its not exactly a good idea if you are under 13 to put pics in a place like this, but I am slightly paranoid. Anyway, below is a picture of me with a guy in a...
  12. Torgo

    Better 2d Mode (srb2Better2d.exe) v0.13.2

    I have decided to release an exe mod that improves srb2 2d mode drastically. I was planing to only release this with SRB1 remake, but what with all the 2d levels being made, I figured that they should have some chance of being good. So what are the changes from 1.09.4? -Camera is pulled back...
  13. Torgo

    How to get SRB2 Wiki tutorials when the site is down.

    If you need to get the srb2 wiki tutorials on how to make character wads or whatever, you still can get to the page. To do this go to google and type SRB2 wiki and then the thing that you want to know. For example you can type SRB2 Wiki character tutorial. When you see the page you want look for...
  14. Torgo

    Favorite shoot 'em ups (like Galaga or Gradius)

    My favorites are these in no particular order. There are a couple ones that are for the PC that you can try if you are a shoot 'em up fan. -Asterial - PC This one was made by Gibbon Games. The enemies are blobs of light with smile faces indicating how aggressive they are. The reasoning behind...
  15. Torgo

    HMS123311 BLAST

    I decided to go out and say that this mod was a rickroll the entire time. Since I admitted it, this mod no longer has redeeming value. There is some things that I should clear up. I did ask for permission to use the normal levels from Mystic, and I asked for permission from smodelux to use his...
  16. Torgo

    Insanely hard game \(^o^)/ Make sure you download Japanese language pack or it will look weird.. Controls are: Z is for jump X is for shooting R is to restart when you die This is possible to beat, try to think outside the box.
  17. Torgo

    SRB1 Remake v0.5.1 (s_srb1b5r1.wad)

    A new release is out, it took so long because the button on ice palace act 2 was giving me some problems. There wont be any more public betas after this one, the next version should be the final which may be a shufflarb2 only mod. Volcano zone Echindnapolis zone Skylab zone EDIT: I put a...
  18. Torgo

    Hosting netgame problems

    Here is my problem; I host a game and it shows up on the server with the correct port. Most of the time my game shows up for a minute and then it disappears. I have hosted about 2 successful netgames with the same router. I have a static ip, for my computer, but not the router. I have tried to...
  19. Torgo

    The worst sonic game ever

    Alright I will try to make a topic that is seperate from the Sonic extreme topic. Sorry that I couldn't think of better options. My pick is sonic labyrinth, because it is really slow like a sonic game should not be. EDIT: It would be a good idea to not just say "I hated this game" and not put...
  20. Torgo

    Gibbon Games (Astariel)

    Astariel is one of those space shooters that is simular to games like space invaders. The gameplay is simple and very addicting. The newest version is shareware in which there are no stupid 30 hour limits for the demo. The site is removed if you are interested trying his game. EDIT:(Oh, I...