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  1. Phantom-blade

    Alternate Match Maps [mt_AltMatchMaps]

    Oh my God YES! I need to try this out now, good job!
  2. Phantom-blade

    Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus.pk3 [Version 2.5.11]

    RNG means Random Number Generator. Also I had fun playing around with this mod, nice job.
  3. Phantom-blade

    [Emerald Hunt] Mondo Mountain

    What a nice level, definitely fun to play in! You should make the water colormap less tense though.
  4. Phantom-blade

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Yes, that's the one. I thought you recognise it instantly after hearing it for a few seconds.
  5. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] mt_Compacted - (a LMS map pack)

    *Ahem* It's Prismatic Angel Zone from SRB2: Mystic Realm. How long have you been playing SRB2 exactly? And when's the next update?
  6. Phantom-blade

    SRB2 Heroes (Real superpower of TEAMWORK!)

    Why not make 2 versions of the mod? One with the team mechanic and one without.
  7. Phantom-blade

    2.0 Special Stages

    Ahh, it's been so damn long since I last saw the 2.0 Special Stages, I miss them so much! I prefer the 2.0 ones over the current ones truth be told and this made nostalgia hit me like a truck, great job!
  8. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Vanilla Shield Abilities

    Why not give the Pity Shield the ability to levitate for a while in the air but make them vulnerable to enemies, players and more. But if they bump into a wall, it should knock the player back and cancel out the levitation. But I feel like that's a bit similar to the Attraction Shield ability.
  9. Phantom-blade

    SRB2 Top Down

    Are you serious, you actually did that? Sure, they're difficult but they are fun
  10. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Vanilla Shield Abilities

    This actually needs to be a thing in vanilla, but the vanilla shield have unique abilities themselves but it's not enough. Nice job!
  11. Phantom-blade

    A small question about map/level themes/styles/genres. +Two other questions.

    Are levels in other styles such as exploration, hangout/roleplay, puzzle, horror, etc. allowed to be uploaded on here? I mean, SF94 has hangout/roleplay-based maps, SRB2 Hub is partially a hangout/roleplay map, and that one Green Hill Zone based exploration map? So are maps of certain themes...
  12. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    Is there any way to create a MAINCFG in a way like SRB2 Doom Builder so I don't have to go into SLADE just to make one?
  13. Phantom-blade

    SRB2 Top Down

    OH MY GOD YES! I THOUGHT IT WILL NEVER BE RELEASED, I'M SO HAPPY! Seriously though, I thought this was dead, but I was wrong! I am so damn happy right now, great job! Does this mean you'll work on Kart now?
  14. Phantom-blade


    BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Defiantly a challenge with this, good job, freaking enjoyed this.
  15. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Drop Dash Ability

    Cool! But can you make a separate lua to only one character please?
  16. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Changable Secondary Colors

    So? Mario's entire body change color when he's invincible.
  17. Phantom-blade

    F. Sonic

    Because the old Sonic is shit. And no it isn't.
  18. Phantom-blade

    [Reusable] Changable Secondary Colors

    aaaaaaaaAAAAAA Can't wait for the Shadow and F.Sonic support, Good job! (What about Kilo though?) :(
  19. Phantom-blade

    F. Sonic

    Can I just way I found a bug? When you die when the dust appears, it would just stay there until you respawn.
  20. Phantom-blade

    Lava Ruins (My first original level)

    Offtopic: Can you tell me the music's name in this map, It's beautiful. Ontopic This map is really beautiful, I enjoyed the level and everything about it! It is definitely one of my (somewhat) favorite maps to play in, along with Seraphic Skylands and Haunted heights. It is one of the maps that...