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  1. Linlam

    What's your Favorite Fangame?

    SAGE 2021 has been around for quite some time now, so I wanted to ask you about fangames that you like. It doesn't really need to be your favorite, just fangames that you enjoy or want to see in the future. I personally love SRB2 (that's why I'm here) and Super Smash Flash 2. Recently, I've been...
  2. Linlam

    About Sonic Mania

    Since recently the threads about sonic games have been overall negative, I'd like to go more on a positive view, with some criticism of my own of course. I'd love to read your opinions about Sonic Mania too. Now, let's get started. I think Sonic Mania is a wonderful game when it comes to...
  3. Linlam

    Momentum in SRB2

    I love SRB2, but I have some minor problems with it. The greatest issue I have with the game is that momentum is not preserved. All the characters with the exception of Metal Sonic are capped in the same max speed while running, and it's a very slow one. When you hit a horizontal red spring in...
  4. Linlam

    The SA1 question

    The adventure games are the most polarizing game in the Sonic fandom in my opinion. There are plenty of reviews of these games with mixed opinions. In this thread I wanna talk specifically about SA1, I wanna give my opinion and read yours.I personally love this game, it's my favorite 3d Sonic. I...
  5. Linlam

    Tangle Appreciation post

    This character is fucking AMAZING. Tangle is such a versitile, fast and fun character. Her design, her sprites, her animation, everything about her is spot on, and the controls, OMG the controls. It's a bit hard to get used to how the tail works, but once you get the hang of it, you can blast...
  6. Linlam

    What Srb2 Character do you like the most?

    It doesn't have to be just the vanilla game, I consider the modding community just as part of the game's general experience as Srb2 itself. I personally love playing as Metal Sonic. Even though his top speed is very difficult to get to, once you're glowing orange with a light trace behind you...
  7. Linlam

    How did you discover Sonic?

    That's a personal question that I've always wanted to ask. What was the first time you heard of Sonic? What made you become a fan? I personally know Sonic since I was a baby, my older sister used to play Sonic a lot, so I was introduced to the franchise right after I was born. I became a fan...
  8. Linlam

    Other SEGA games

    What other SEGA games are you fan of? I personally love Jet Set Radio.
  9. Linlam

    Sonic CD is the most important to understand Sonic in general

    In my opinion Sonic CD is a great game. I don't think it's a game for begginers in Sonic, its level design is pretty weird (and that's the greatest issue of Sonic CD). But, when you get familiarized with Sonic's controls, the game becomes WAY more fun. Sonic CD is not a perfect game and it has...