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    The Definitive Slope Topic

    Soo....... a slopes in SRB2 topic for the 100+th time. But this time it's different, now it's with ACTION, not just talk. We can skip the whole "is it possible/software/opengl" part and skip straight to the implementation, and the complications slopes introduce. Remember this is EXPERIMENTAL, as...
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    SRB2 Doom Builder 2.0

    Yup. MAP EDITOR WITH SRB2(CB) & 3D SLOPE EDITING SUPPORT and MORE: This is a mod of Code Imp's Doom Builder 2 project (For more information, see: ) ------- Doom Builder 2 has now been modded with extended support for SRB2+(CB). The major advantage of this new...
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    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    What is it: SRB2 Community Build is a source code mod that is both a refinement and extension of the game engine that powers SRB2. SRB2CB's goal is to provide an alternative SRB2 engine that brings a new breath of fresh air into SRB2 for both players and modders alike. NOTE: SRB2CB is more...
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    SRB2 - Community Build! (Slopes, Skyboxes, Oh my!!!!)

    Yeah, it's been a while... What is it: SRB2 Community Build is a source code mod that is both a refinement and extension of the game engine that powers SRB2. SRB2CB's goal is to provide an alternative SRB2 engine that brings a new breath of fresh air into SRB2 for both players and modders...
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    What do you think SRB2ME will actually include?

    Well, since it's almost here, we might as well speculate about what could be in this supposedly massive update. What do you think the staff has thought up in 10 years?
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    SRB2CB - Community Build (Final 1.09.4 Version!)

    News: ------------ FINAL SRB2CB 1094 VERSION RELEASE! Ok, this time, SRB2CB is finished until someone else decides to maintain it. A lot of new things have been added and tweaked in this version, hopefully it'll give you something to mess around with until SAGE comes. A LOT has changed...
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    Dash's World Version 0.3

    Dash's World is a simple level mod that extensively uses features from SRB2CB, it's not intended to be particularly challenging, it's more focused on just having levels with calm flow and unique gimmicks. Right now it includes 6 single player level and 1 match map The levels require SRB2CB to...
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    SonicGL returns

    Might be old news, but meh, Draykon's sig has a link to it. So uhh...discuss?
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    Legacy 2.0 anyone?

    So, uh, we have a semi outdated Doom Legacy engine, right? I was surprised to see this: The C++ version of Legacy, what do you think? It's still in development, but might it be possible to port our code over...
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    Reason for your interest in SRB2?

    So what keeps you here at SRB2? For me, it's the 1.1 source code. I want to get an idea of what it's like to code a game, it's really nice to have an open game where you can modify absolutely everything about it. I'm hoping SRB2 can help me learn how coding and designing levels and data files...
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    Why's SRB2 1.1 Source Private?

    Why exactly is 1.1 a private thing? I'm not talking about the levels, sprites, and music being incomplete, those should only be released when they're finished, but why can't everyone get to see what new things are getting added to the source code? Why don't we get to see the source or anything...
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    Why Doom Legacy?

    So, umm... why choose Doom Legacy as SRB2's engine? Was it the best engine at the time or something?
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    High Resolution Flats?

    I just noticed something that would be very useful to anyone who uses high resolution flats for their levels. Repeatedly converting a flat in XWE (Image -> Save as Doom Flat) until XWE displays it as text allows you to use an image at any resolution for a flat in SRB2. Anyone ever noticed that?
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    Capabilities of the Doom Engine?

    Could someone show me a really high-end, sophisticated level that shows how detailed a level the doom engine can create? Like a level that's more detailed than Botanic Serenity or Metal Flower.
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    Why no OpenGL Support?

    What's the reason that OpenGL is officially unsupported by SRB2 and no further development is being done on it? Software mode is rather limited: No lighting, restricted to fewer colors, No real 3D, etc.
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    SDL XPM icon–I can't change it!

    So, I edited the SRB2 icon for windows and mac (.ico and .icns) on the mac, it shows the new icon until the startup window is displayed. On windows, it only shows the new icon in the startup window. Any way to remove the XPM icon?
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    Build Error

    Well, I was putting the final touches on my exe so that it would compile on other platforms, and I got this error message: cannot find -ISDL Id returned 1 exit status [Build Error] [../../bin/Mingw/srb2sdl.exe] Error 1 How do I fix this? Hopefully, it's simple error that can easily be fixed.
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    Help: Compiler errors with xmasmode

    Well, this seems quite strange, whenever I try to edit D_main.c, I get errors with xmas mode for some reason, which is confusing because it used to compile sucessfully before, the errors include: "conflicting types for 'xmasmode'" and "previous declaration of 'xmasmode' was here." I haven't...
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    Anyone ever tried SRB2 on an intel Mac running Leopard?

    Well, my shiny new Macbook Pro is on it's way, and I plan to completely leave behind my Windows PC, if anyone here has an intel Mac running Leopard, do you know if SRB2 works with it, and do netgames work as well?