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  1. Nero1024

    [Reusable] Vertical Aim Auto-Recenter

    See Overview for up-to-date info It's kinda hard to notice with a simple .gif but that camera really wants to not look up or down. This script makes is so that the vertical aiming will automatically recenter while you're moving. Useful for Simple controls and gamepad users (like me) that...
  2. Nero1024

    Nero1024's OLDC Summer 2020 Votes

    Rundown on the my votes for the OLDC Summer 2020 Singleplayer levels. Played as Spyro Using OpenGL Ranking: 1. Snowflake Ridge 2. Wild West 3. Shadow of Atlantis 4. Metallic Madness 5. Overgrown Heights 6. Oasis Palace 7. Rustic Templar 8. Cluttered Cavern 9. Myriad Memories 10. Hectic Harbor...
  3. Nero1024

    [Reusable] Spyro the Dragon

    See Overview page for up-to-date info. What's this? A dragon?? It's Spyro the dragon, in all of his purple glory and with many of his abilities too. After some finagling in Blender to render out sprites for Radicalicious' "Spyro the Hedgehog" mod, I took it upon myself to code in some...