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  1. Sz_

    [Reusable] I/O Support Resource

    okay so you guys know the norm of I/O being extremely difficult to some people so here's two luas demonstrating how to do it with either the player's variables or cvar's
  2. Sz_

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    Warning: This mod may contain some stuff that might make people feel uncomfortable (such as blood) Features Commands Credits Super Secret Content Changelog v4.1.5a: - Midi for title screen - Sonic is forced in Exe Survival - Changed XMomentum secret sound effect to a newer version that...
  3. Sz_

    [Reusable] Man553's humongous colors pack [v1.1]

    Here's a simple lua script I experimented with custom colors that I wiped up in a few hours that contains 32 brand new colors which 4 of them are glowing colors and one of them are special. Hope you enjoy playing with this lua. Colors: Command: Changelog:
  4. Sz_

    [Reusable] Meat Boy

    Controls Commands[/CENTER] [/SPOILER] Credits Changelog Model Secret Supporters / CoAuthors Starshy SunGuara TrustyGun
  5. Sz_

    [Reusable] Superman Sonic [v1.0.0]

    Back from Demo 4 all the way to Final Demo 1.08, Super Sonic was Superman Sonic, dressing with a cape and having all of his super properties, but he was long gone since then.. ..until now! Superman Sonic has came back to 2.2 with his glory, music and with some sweet new upgrades to show that...
  6. Sz_

    [Reusable] SSNMighty (Monster Iestyn Mighty) [v2.2.2]

    This character doesn't support Battle Mod, please do not use it for battling in Battle Mod. It's a blast from the past! SSNMighty! With his amazing sprites and outstanding abilities! Abilities: Changelog: Special thanks to: Supporters / CoAuthors Emong Monster Iestyn Tripel the fox
  7. Sz_

    [Reusable] Shields+ (v1.1)

    Shields+, what is this ruckus? Shields+ is a mod that adds 6 new shields! The ice shield, the hover shield, the metal shield, the spike shield, the bumper shield and the momentum shield! (More coming soon), All these shields can replace the vanilla shields (if wanted, command is down below) and...
  8. Sz_

    FHMS123311 - Wait.. what?

    Hello, I am a simple man and due to my lack of patience to create any.. *ahem* ''quality characters'', I've decided to bring back our lord and savior in the best look he'll be ever in.... FHMS123311!!!1! HMS123311 is back and looking BETTER THAN EVER! (his original look was already perfect...
  9. Sz_

    [Reusable] Customizable HUD

    This is a simple LUA that can make you change the positions, hide, show and change the transparency of SRB2's vanilla huds. Note: This lua can break with other mods that change, add or remove huds, beware! List of commands to use: hud_score_xposition <number>: change the horizontal position of...
  10. Sz_

    Bring back the nostalgia! Nostalgia.wad

    Are you feeling the need of revisiting the past? Do you miss the old SRB2 physics and huds? What about some SRB2JTE elements? No? It's a horrible idea and it'll ruin the game again? Hmm, here it is anyway! This mod adds (or rather, restore) these features down below! The old lives hud The old...
  11. Sz_

    [Character] Feet Sonic v1.7

    One day, Sonic thought to himself: Why would I race driving a kart while i can run with my feet instead? And that brings us to this character mod! In this mod, we feature Sonic, which runs on his feet! He has standing, walking, running, jumping and dying expressions all based on what's he...
  12. Sz_

    [Reusable] Cooler Sonic

    Alright, alright, I was bored doing absolutely nothing in SRB2, so I decided to mess around with Sonic sprites and I've made... this... uh.. "Cooler" Sonic in SRB2, and I didn't want to make this wad change gameplay, sooo... yeah. It just changes some sprites of Sonic and makes him *ehm*...
  13. Sz_

    SRB2 site was cut for a moment?

    I kept checking on today and some minutes before, i saw it unavailable. What did exactly happen?