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  1. Goldenhog

    Water run funsies

    An unfortunately-placed water FOF block in the "Gargoyle puzzle" path of DSZ2 is treated as solid thanks to the combination of the push effect and Super mode's water-run skill. You can walk all over it and you can even jump and land on it. Luckily it's not a show-stopper as spinning lets you...
  2. Goldenhog

    Detecting if players are affected by a gas jet or a fan object

    Title. Springs and dust devils are easy thanks to stuff like MFE_SPRUNG and CR_DUSTDEVIL, but I haven't seen anything like those that is specific to gas jets and fan objects.
  3. Goldenhog

    [Reusable] ESP: Extra Shields and Powerups

    This is, like, the discussion area for the mod. If you want the main page, you're looking for "Overview" at the top left of here.
  4. Goldenhog

    Help with fake invincibility

    addHook("ShouldDamage", function(mo,inf,src) if (inf or src) or P_PlayerTouchingSectorSpecial(mo.player,1,1) or P_PlayerTouchingSectorSpecial(mo.player,1,2) or P_PlayerTouchingSectorSpecial(mo.player,1,3) or P_PlayerTouchingSectorSpecial(mo.player,1,4) or...
  5. Goldenhog

    Midair ring dropshadow

  6. Goldenhog

    Invalid Gud item placement

  7. Goldenhog

    Bad texture alignment

  8. Goldenhog

    Lua scripts breaking together but not separately

    I'll try and explain with examples. Here is Sonic Bullets by Lach. And here is a port of Badnik's Light Dash for 2.1. If you wanted to have Fang fire Sonics while Sonic gets the Light Dash, you could add both files one after the other, and they would both work. It wouldn't matter if you added...
  9. Goldenhog

    1-up sound can't be replaced

    According to the source code, if DSONEUP is not found then DSCHCHNG (the tally end sound) plays when getting an extra life if the game is set to play a sound instead of the jingle. However, DSCHCHNG will stay even if a WAD that includes DSONEUP is loaded (see attachment, it's a renamed DSKC42)...
  10. Goldenhog

    Y'all gotta fix the F1 manual

    Despite having the header "Multiplayer", this is describing the emeralds in SP. I have not gone back to check, but my first thought was that this was untouched from 2.1, but wouldn't it be wrong there too? The MP emeralds there could turn anyone super, no? EDIT: Okay, got done with the Sonic...
  11. Goldenhog

    GME songs are not "resumed" properly

    See attached map. Every time a jingle ends, instead of the song picking back up at a later point as if nothing had happened (as it happens with normal music formats), it always starts over from the same point near the start of the song. (full disclosure, I've only actually tested VGZ and SPC...
  12. Goldenhog

    Destroying strong bustable blocks from the bottom

    Normally, the only ways to destroy Bustable Block FOFs with "strong characters only" on is to touch them from the side (Knuckles, Amy when attacking) or touch them from the top (Amy when attacking, Fang when bouncing). However, Knuckles, Amy and Fang can also break them by bopping them from the...
  13. Goldenhog

    Cannot check MTF_EXTRA?

    if (mo.spawnpoint.options & MTF_EXTRA) (...) end This does not work, it throws up an "attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'MTF_EXTRA' (a nil value)" error. I know the syntax is correct, because if I change it to MTF_OBJECTFLIP, MTF_OBJECTSPECIAL or MTF_AMBUSH, it works. Did the way...
  14. Goldenhog

    CA_AIRDRILL doesn't impede Super transformations

    See attachment. I pressed Spin in the middle of that air drill and transformed.
  15. Goldenhog

    Changing state's var2 with Lua

    addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if ( if ( == S_PLAY_WAIT) = 1 end end end end) This is what I have so far. In theory, what this should do is: When the player enters their waiting animation state, var2 should be...
  16. Goldenhog

    CA_FLOAT isn't impeded by the Elemental Stomp

    Grab the Elemental Shield near the start in ACZ1 as a character who floats. Jump over a railing, press spin to start the Elemental Stomp, then immediately press and hold jump. You'll start floating as normal. You keep the fire aura while you float so it's a pretty kickass bug, all things considered.
  17. Goldenhog

    Gravity Shield

    The Gravity Shield from five years ago makes its grand return! It has seen changes since then, but very little that the player will see - it was mostly tinkering under the hood and edits for consistency with the other shields (did you know? they made all the monitors bigger again). Much like...
  18. Goldenhog

    Can Lua read non-Lua console commands yet

    I need to grab the value of powerupdisplay to know whether I should be drawing an icon or not. I recall this type of thing being impossible in 2.1 (Lua could only deal with commands created in Lua), did that change for 2.2? (and if not, is there at least a way to know if a particular graphic is...
  19. Goldenhog

    How to improve performance

    I can't believe I'm asking this for SRB2 of all games. So basically, the new CEZ2 is so awesome that my computer has to absolutely kill itself to render it all. I've tried messing with the video options, but the only one that did anything was changing the resolution to 320x200. It didn't even...
  20. Goldenhog

    Wind/current that forces pain sprites without changing angle

    Uh, thread title. I want my Upwards Current to carry the player using their pain animation, but without forcibly adjusting their angle like applying Solid Midtexture does. Using Upwards Wind instead doesn't help since it behaves the exact same way as far as I can tell. I hope there's a way to...