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  1. Tatsuru


    Spyro Ripto Blast 2 - Snowflake Ridge Rustic Templar Zone Wild West Zone, Act 2 Shadow of Atlantis Zone Toffee Tor Zone, Act 1 Metallic Madness Good Future Oasis Palace Zone Aqua Paradise Zone Overgrown Heights Zone Heroes Hall Hectic Harbor Zone Myriad Memories Zone Wasteland Wilds Zone...
  2. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Slot Machine

    Changelog: The slot machine you know from Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone and the Sonic & Knuckles bonus stage for your mapping asset needs. Just place the lumps contained in this file in your WAD/PK3 and you'll have Thing 4000 - Slot Machine Gather Point ready to use in Zone Builder. Payouts:
  3. Tatsuru

    Last ERZ2 elevator can teleport you out of bounds

    Apparently the last elevator in ERZ2's right path can be triggered twice if another player is inside and steps on the arrow. Me and a friend achieved this on accident - he stepped on the arrow, triggering the elevator, and I stepped on the arrow while the elevator was moving. The elevator's...
  4. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Hugs

    CUSTOM 1 to hug other players. CUSTOM 1 to let go. CUSTOM 2 will spawn hearts while you're at it with your significant other. You can turn it off with amyhugs but you're not gonna do that, are you
  5. Tatsuru

    Fixed Running into a Minecart Spawner while in a minecart makes Minecart Stoppers fail

    Self-explanatory. This might also be the switch points' fault, but it looks unlikely.
  6. Tatsuru

    Payload Mode

    Welcome to my pet project, a direct port of Paladins's Siege mode to SRB2. In this gametype, you must learn to work with your team for a common objective using renewed ringslinger mechanics. So how do I play? This version of Payload is comprised of two phases. In the first phase of each round...
  7. Tatsuru

    Welcome to Tatsuru's Twisted Mind

    It's me, the porting-this-gametype-to-SRB2 enthusiast. I get bored frequently. To open this thread, I bring you a WIP of what I'm going to call Payload mode for now. You know, that gametype from FPS games which involve two teams and an object to push across a map. It varies in objective and...
  8. Tatsuru

    P_DamageMobj SIGSEGVs if inflictor is nil

    Discovered this when making a typo inside a MobjDamage hook. I passed "inflict" (that wasn't declared and thus should be nil) instead of the provided inflictor and the game promptly SIGSEGVs when getting to that line. addHook("MobjDamage", function(mo, inflictor, source) . . ...
  9. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Shards from XSRB2 (shards.pk3)

    Here I am once again bringing you another game mode you never asked for (or did you)? Enter Shards from Inuyasha's XSRB2, straight from the 2.0 era. The script overrides Match, although it can be played on any map where Emeralds spawn. Jewel Shards will start spawning all over the map, and the...
  10. Tatsuru

    Ring Capture v.1.1 (+Hardcore Mode!) (ringcapture.pk3)

    Here's the old game mode from 1.09.4's ShufflarB2, now in 2.1 and free from any custom EXEs. Changelog: This script overrides CTF. The objective is to collect as much rings as you can and deposit them on your team's ring bank, via the magnets placed on the platform where the team flag normally...
  11. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Prop Hunt (prophunt.lua)

    Changelog/known issues: You know that silly gamemode from Garry's Mod where you disguise as a random object? If not I'm sorry that this is your first contact. Anyway, in Prop Hunt the players are divided into two teams. The Props (red team) can disguise as a map object by approaching them, and...
  12. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] ExitMove v1.6 - Post-exit playability

    Changelog:[/SPOILER]This is a very simple yet very requested feature in most Coop servers. The script allows you to play normally around the map after you've finished the level and do whatever you could do while you haven't yet: collect rings, items and kill and be hurt by enemies. You can also...
  13. Tatsuru

    [Reusable] Tag Coop (tagcoop.lua)

    Cheers! I wanted to try my hand at a Lua script for the first time, so I came up with this simple idea and got to work. Even with my little knowledge of the language and rusty coding skills, here it is! Largely based on FuriousFox's Classic Coop Script (obviously, with his permission), this...