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  1. RomioTheBadass

    "Already done this" feeling

    Do you ever get the feeling of "I already done this, I don't feel like doing it again" when playing SRB2? I get that feeling with CEZ1 and the entirety of ERZ, they feel like they're missing something, ERZ especially because it feels dated compared to the rest of the levels now.
  2. RomioTheBadass

    SRB2 Apologue - v2.1e Update

    Apologue is a set of Singleplayer / Co-op levels I've worked on for SRB2, turned into a neat short little campaign-style experience. Changelog: Features: 8 Unique platforming stages. 7 Hidden Chaos Emeralds. 3 Boss battles. ?
  3. RomioTheBadass

    Chain Spawnpoint / Parameters

    I was about to implement some swinging chains to my level and realized they don't work the same way they did in 2.1, how does the new Linedef Type 9 work?
  4. RomioTheBadass

    Sonic Mania Dev Headcannon Says He's Broke, Recent Kickstarter a Spectacular Failure

    Link to video Huh, you'd think SEGA would at least give him steady income or job after how well the game sold.
  5. RomioTheBadass

    Lost Dimension

    A compliation of various maps I have worked on for SRB2, ranging from good to downright terrible, they lack polish but I can't continue working on this right now so I'm just gonna release it as it is and occasionally throw some updates, all of the levels are beatable anyways (except MAP17 but It...
  6. RomioTheBadass

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Online Features recovered.

    Interesting Source (more details and couple of videos):
  7. RomioTheBadass

    Jon Burton announces Sonic 3D Director's cut.

    This is big, Probably going to be the best way to play it. Sonic 3D Director's Cut Announce!
  8. RomioTheBadass

    Super Mario 64 Online

    Some guys released a Hack that allows you to play Super Mario 64 Multiplayer on a server, yep you heard it, with friends on a server. * Trailer with Download.
  9. RomioTheBadass

    Your favorite video game soundtracks ?

    Post your favorite soundtracks from video games, I'll start. * Dreams of an Absolution - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 * Kingdom Valley - Water - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 * Crazy Gadget - Sonic Adventure 2 * Dive into the Mellow - Sonic Adventure 2 * Doom (2016) - Rip & Tear * The Witcher 3 Wildhunt -...
  10. RomioTheBadass

    2.0 Special Stages

    After I saw Demo 4.35 Special stages ported by Goldenhog I thought why not do the same for 2.0 Special stages, Now Don't let NIGHTS Special Stages constrain your abilities, Play with any character you want, that's it. Also included the old 2.0 Emerald Sprites, Thanks to Prime 2.0 for mentioning...
  11. RomioTheBadass

    Romio does things.

    The Train headed for Station square will be departing soon.
  12. RomioTheBadass

    Hidden Palace

    Disappointed by how short SRB1 Remake Hidden Palace was, So I went ahead and remade it completely. Run this in software mode if you want cool Colormaps.
  13. RomioTheBadass

    Sonic Adventure

    Sonic Adventure or SA is really an underrated Sonic game, Been playing through it last few days and I still enjoy it like the first day I played it, Back in 2010 when I first saw the demo on some site that I don't remember, I really liked the controls, Music and style, then I decided to Pick it...
  14. RomioTheBadass

    Differences between 2.0 and 2.1 in term of Modding.

    There's not many pages that cover this in the internet (I couldn't find one), What are the differences (besides LUA Support) in term of Modding between 2.0.X and 2.1.X, What features have been deprecated and what are their alternatives, This would make things alot easier if anyone intends to...
  15. RomioTheBadass

    Confirmed "Ripple" effect doesn't work in OpenGL.

    Self explanatory, No matter what 3D Floor type, Quicksand or Water, they just don't work, Heat wave effect However works but acts different. EDIT : Different from Software renderer.
  16. RomioTheBadass

    [Reusable] Mine Maze Remake

    Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, You decided to Follow him...
  17. RomioTheBadass

    Opinions of SRB2 Newcomers?

    All of us around here are very experienced when it comes to playing SRB2, However I am curious how the average gamers and Newcomers played through it. I found some interesting gameplays that would probably help you guys in the development and I still find it entertaining to watch newcomers...
  18. RomioTheBadass

    zSRB2 - SRB2 for Zandronum.

    zSRB2 is my recreation of Sonic Robo Blast 2 on the Zandronum engine, the goal for v1 was to recreate the Multiplayer portion of the game, It currently features 3 New Game Modes, Match, a new type CTF and Race, Check out the list below for key features of the game: Screenshots DOWNLOAD LINK ...
  19. RomioTheBadass

    Question about the SRB2Wiki .

    Why are there no details / infos about the earlier maps versions of SRB2 on the wiki ?, Like the Beta GFZ or 1.09 CEZ or the 2.0 THZ .
  20. RomioTheBadass

    34th Golden Joystick Awards thread .

    So it's here again, the Golden Joystick yearly awards when people decide & vote for their favorite games, There are different categories there, Are you willing to vote ? If so what are your choices ? Go Vote here then let us know . My votes go to : 1 - Best Original game : "Abzu" 2 - Best...