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  1. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Development has been going on for Cman! Cman has to be the biggest projects I'm working on for SRB2! And I am very excited to show you content for Cman 4.0! With these small sneek peaks! And also great work with @SupaCustardbro for coding! And of course @Latius and more for helping with the...
  2. Cman!

    [Reusable] Cman

    You Heard That Right! Cman's Got A Full Redesign For His Kart Fashion! Cman Has Brand New Sprites! And Great Color Changes! Colors His Sprites Have Been Approved! So Now He Works Well With Colors Now! GAMEPLAY Not Only His Sprites Have Been Approved! His Gameplay Also Got Improved! He's a...
  3. Cman!

    [Reusable] Cman Emotes For Movie Night

    You Can Now Express Your Feelings With Your Favorite Sketchy Friend, CMAN Cman Now Has Emotes for movie night! HERE ARE THE LIST FOR THE EMOTES! If You Like This, This Is Just The Beginning. Can't Be Loaded Without The Movie Night Mod For SRB2 2.2! Here's The Link To Movie Night =...
  4. Cman!

    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    INFO Cman has been remade. From the bottom to the top. With LUA Scripts from Hand To Others. A Project Made From Hand. A Sketchy Adventure. CMAN! ABILITIES Cman has NO 5 +1 = 6 Total Abilities! -Double jump: It's a double jump it brings platforming to an all new heights especially...
  5. Cman!

    Cman's First Lua.

    I made my Own LUA Script, I've been studying LUA'S For a long time now, This is an Character Ability LUA Script. It's Called THE SPEED DROP When you press the Spin button mid-air it sends you a little speed boost mid-air. And if it's a double jump character. You Can Jump Do An Speed Drop And...