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  1. CrystelleCore

    hello yes, these are my votes for the singleplayer maps

    Yes, hello it is I, the Milne Man. I have come with my epic gamer votes. 1. Metallic Madness Good Future by Kwiin/failur.old - Funny hedgehog go nyoom. 2. Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro - I've been waiting to play this one for a while, and I loved it. 3. Wild West Zone, Act 2 by Dead - I really...
  2. CrystelleCore

    Crystelle's Custom Skin Colors - V1

    A collection of some old and new skincolors I made back when custom skincolors was in development. Now that 2.2.5 is out, I'm releasing them here! All colors, not in order - Changelog
  3. CrystelleCore

    Milne the Crystal Fox - [ v2.0.2 ] - The Sharp & Slick Update

    Milne the Crystal Fox Milne uses crystal powers and raw strength to take out her foes! She might not be able to spindash, but she can toss crystals at her enemies! Abilities Shard Toss - Primary Ability, Spin Press Spin while grounded to toss three crystals forward. After a few seconds, the...
  4. CrystelleCore

    [Character] KrystalKart Chars - v3.0

    Milne comes into the race with her bike that she totally did NOT steal! STATS - Speed - 2, Weight - 9 Milne's voice is Amity from The Owl House. Changelog: -Version 2.1: - New signpost made by RalphJeremy65 edited from Milne's vanilla signpost. - Changed her default skincolor from Nova...