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  1. Snu

    Hook Library (+ Wall Collision Example Hook)

    Snu submitted a new resource: Hook Library (+ Wall Collision Example Hook) - A library to create custom hooks in Lua! Read more about this resource...
  2. Snu

    Symbol Arts from PSO2

    Snu submitted a new resource: Symbol Arts from PSO2 - A new way to emote in servers! Read more about this resource...
  3. Snu

    [Script] Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3)

    A mod that I've been working on for waaaaay longer than I'm willing to admit; Team SRB2Kart Racing! Team SRB2Kart Racing is a mod that brings Team Sonic Racing's gameplay into SRB2Kart! Some of the mechanics from TSR have also been rebalanced to not be over-centralizing as well, such as item...
  4. Snu

    [Script] Hitfeed (kl_hitfeed_v2.2.pk3)

    Just a mod that gives you a general idea of the chaos going on within races! The hitfeed displays every hit registered between players, just like in FPS games, such as TF2 or Overwatch to name some good examples. Messages related to you in netgames are even highlighted a different colour...
  5. Snu

    [Script] Bump Death

    Just your regular SRB2Kart experience. ...except bumping into anything will make you explode with a hearty scream. Watch out for walls, tangible hazards and especially other players as you race carefully trying to survive. You can even add your own sounds with a separate WAD/PK3 using the...
  6. Snu

    [MOD] SRB2Kart: Battle Plus! (kbl_battleplus_v1.1.pk3)

    Here's a huge scale mod I've been working hard on since v1.0.1: SRB2Kart: Battle Plus! wew You're probably thinking, what is Battle Plus? All it does is add onto the battle experience in the base game by adding more gamemodes to be played! Some of the gamemodes are returning gamemodes from...
  7. Snu

    [Script] Mario Kart DS Drifting + Double Dash (kl_snaking_v1.1.lua)

    Basically a Lua Script that turns drifting on it's head entirely, changing it to the system from Mario Kart DS! To build up Miniturbo's with this type of drifting is pretty simple, all you have to do is drift outwards, then drift inwards in quick succession to build up your Miniturbo! This...
  8. Snu

    Mighty the Armadillo (kc_mighty_v1.wad)

    Mighty the Armadillo from SegaSonic is here and ready to race in SRB2Kart! He uses SegaSonic Arcade voice clips, has the same speed stat as Sonic, but the same weight as Knuckles, making him a pretty balanced choice with a bit more speed to offer. Stats: 8 Speed, 5 Weight. Special Thanks...
  9. Snu

    [MP Level] MKSC Bowser Castle 1 (krl_mkscbc1_v2.wad)

    Bowser Castle 1 from Mario Kart Super Circuit remade in SRB2Kart! ...there's nothing much more to say on it really. I've tried to scale this accurately to Mario Kart 7's version of the course, but with some extra additions like slopes (no glider tho), so it's spacious enough to fit 16...
  10. Snu

    Super Sparkles for Super Forms! (supersparks.wad)

    Originally stuffed inside Monitors Plus, I've decided to make this it's own, separate WAD! Super Forms now have Super Sparkles using Mania's sprites to make them look even more badass and powerful! (They even have full brightness in the dark!) This version fixes a lot of the glaring issues I...
  11. Snu

    OpenGL has a white screen on load

    Hi, I recently got a new computer (Windows 8.1) and whenever I load SRB2 in OpenGL mode it always stays at a white screen. I can hear the intro sequence playing but the screen is just white. Is there and way I could fix this?
  12. Snu

    [Reusable] Restrict Skins! (RestrictSkins.lua)

    Hey, after a lot of fixing, I finally finished, RESTRICT Skins! What does Restrict Skins do?! Basically, it restricts skins from being used, and if you used the restricted skin on the certain gametype (Or any!) you may meet a terrible end... On default the restricted skin is set to Knuckles...
  13. Snu

    A bit of a problem...

    Hey, I kinda ran into a Lua error while testing out this Lua file I made that restricts Knuckles from being played in Coop or Race. Here's what is in the Lua file: and here is the error I get: WARNING: ./Editing Stuff/Lua/NoKnux.lua:4: unexpected symbol near 'if'...
  14. Snu

    [Reusable] Chaos Mode, Ported Straight From 2.0.X! (chaosmode.soc)

    Many, or even few of you should remember this SOC from 2.0.X: Since the author (Draykon) gave permission for it to be reproduced, I decided to port it for 2.1.X! There ARE a few differences from the former though: - Gold and red Buzzes have been added...
  15. Snu

    Lua: Loading a Lua script through a wad

    So basically, In a wad file I have a Lua script under the filename of LUA_BSLM. It loads a thinker for my custom blue slime object, but whenever I load the wad into the game I am always getting this error: WARNING: SlimeTesting.wad|LUA_BLSM:7: mobjtype 'MT_BLUESLIME' does not exist. What does...
  16. Snu

    Finding states without the SRB2 Wiki

    As a lot of you may be aware, the SRB2 Wiki has not been updated to have some information, for instance sectors effects. But my case is State's (Such as S_*) Some Objects such as the Spring Shell don't have their states listed on the page. My question is, would their be a way to view States...
  17. Snu

    Fixed Egg Satellite crushers hate me...

    New bug is found: I got pushed into the floor by a crusher, could this be considered a bug? 1 wasted token... T_T
  18. Snu

    Peace Pass Zone! (F_PeacePass.wad)

    Hi, since 2.1 has been released just yesterday, I decided to make a level for it. The level is called Peace Pass Zone, its a basic CTF level with a forest feel. Screenshots: I would really appreciate feedback so I can improve this as much as I can! ^_^ Enjoy!
  19. Snu

    Earthworm Jim Joins The Team!

    (Im sure this is the right place, move it please if its not) Hello, I have recently started a new character wad. Its of course earthworm jim! I have already thought of the ability, which is the head propeller. If you have any ideas/criticism, then be free to note down below.
  20. Snu

    scr_EBR.wad (Eggman's Big Revenge)

    So recently I have been on working on a level pack call Eggman's Big Revenge. I have decided too release the first stage before I continue so I can improve it as much as I humanly can ;) The stage is called Lime Beach Zone Lime Beach Zone is basic stage taking place on a beach near a forest...