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  1. SoupBowler

    [MP Level] Nintendo Gamecube (MKDD Battle Map)

    From Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, it's the Nintendo Gamecube battle map! (Map number MAPZY) Features: - Experience the wonders of driving on a Gamecube... in space! - Fully functioning Gamecube carrying handle that is impossible to see from within the battle arena! - Stare intensely into the...
  2. SoupBowler

    Srb2 2.2.1 Install versions receive Segment Violation on boot up

    Ever since April 19, my copy of srb2 keeps immediately sigsegv-ing the moment it boots. I should first state that I had received a driver update for Radeon early morning April 19th (roughly 1:00 am I believe). If this somehow is the reason I can't run 2.2.2 anymore then I have to see if I can...
  3. SoupBowler

    The new "Custom Gametype Prefix System" could use some work

    Recently there was an announcement on mod prefixes to custom gametypes posted here: I'd like to give my thoughts on it since I believe there are some consequences to this new system. To be fair, there are some pros to this. 1. You can just type...
  4. SoupBowler

    [Reusable] Bowler's Pack - BATTLE UPDATE (Ft. Hexagon Heat from Mario Party 2!)

    A small pack containing six race tracks plus a hell map. More are planned to be added later, but when they get added is not predetermined. Map slots in use (NOTICE! Some map slots where moved around. None were removed, and since there's Lua now, old replay data is not compatible. Custom game...
  5. SoupBowler

    [Reusable] Mushroom Kingdom - [V1.7.1] PLEASE USE BOWLING CUP INSTEAD

    ** DISCLAIMER ** I have added Mushroom Kingdom as part of a track pack. Please use that version instead as this page will no longer get updates. Inspired by the first "Super Mario Bros." game, it's the Mushroom Kingdom! Largely based on the SRB2...