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  1. Ice

    Abandoned Airbase Zone V2 (SUGOI 2 Port)

    Welcome to... Abandoned Airbase Zone! Prepare to die get lost... This is a level from SUGOI 2 (SUBARASHII), the one people might remember as the gigantic confusing airport. How has the level has been updated for 2.2? Let's find out! More polish Less confusing routes (hopefully) A fancy...
  2. Ice

    [Reusable] Super Ball Zone

    That was dope! Nailing that last move made me feel like a badass, which really says that you're a badass for designing this stuff! The visuals are a little unpolished, but that can be forgiven since it's such a treat of a level. Every obstacle is like a mini puzzle, requiring not only your...
  3. Ice

    Spiritual successors to SRB2?

    Hello all, Just stumbled across this game here from SAGE 2020 (Out-Class Hunter) and I was wondering if there have been any more original or fangame successors to SRB2? This particular game made me do a second-take just because it was so close to SRB2, aside from the realistic lighting. I...
  4. Ice

    [Reusable] Island Tour

    That was the best proof-of-concept I've ever seen! Granted, most proof-of-concept things tend to just be a sketch of the zones, a silly story, and (if you're lucky) a room or two. That's not to diminish your level. You've actually gone through with the whole thing and made a full blown...
  5. Ice

    Abandoned Airbase Zone V2 (SUGOI 2 Port)

    Welcome to... Abandoned Airbase Zone! Prepare to die get lost... This is a level from SUGOI 2 (SUBARASHII), the one people might remember as the gigantic confusing airport. How has the level has been updated for 2.2? Let's find out! More polish Less confusing routes (hopefully) A fancy...
  6. Ice

    Lawn World Zone (Version 2)

    Well, that was nice! I played through as Sonic and at first, I didn't see what everyone was griping about in terms of getting lost. Yes, the level is quite open and sometimes the way to go isn't obvious. But pay careful attention to where you've been and where you're going and you'll be fine...
  7. Ice

    [Reusable] Nights Edge Zone

    I agree with all the previous complaints. That aside, I think you've made a wonderful level. I usually don't give this complement because I don't notice it, but the level has a really cool title! Nights Edge Zone. It reminds me of the End of Time from Chrono Trigger: a place where you're at the...
  8. Ice

    [Reusable] Sacred Abyss Zone

    This level is SICK! The atmosphere and visuals are really unique. I've never seen this combo of theme and colors before. It's very dark and broody, but the splashes of vibrant color make it all very beautiful and magical. And the little wooden arches add a nice element of pathiness, for lack of...
  9. Ice

    Koopa Kavern Zone

    Neat levels! I can tell why it's a Koopa Kavern, though I have to admit, the turtles are one of my least favorite enemies in the game. But that's not your fault. This is a nice set of levels. I liked the way you used the textures and lighting to create a vibrant aesthetic, though, as mentioned...
  10. Ice

    Quiet South Island

    Hi! Cool maps! I think act 1 was definitely the stronger of the two. It started out a little cramped, which made me think "hey, a beginner level, ok!" but it did eventually open up to some wide open memorable areas with good flow and good platforming. There were even some neatly placed secrets...
  11. Ice

    [Reusable] Mystic Realm v.4.6 (scr_mysticrealm.wad)

    I did always find it kinda odd that the first level leads you to a pool where, if you're like me, you assume the rest of the level is beyond the tunnel under the water. Then you get confused looking for the exit down there and very probably drown. I know it happened to me the first few times I...
  12. Ice

    Peak Waterfalls

    I'm not a religious dude, but there's this phrase from the bible that is considered one of the most beautiful English sentences: "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee." It's not even the message, it's the progression of sounds. When you say the...
  13. Ice

    Massive Mountain Zone

    Is it just me, or are first levels just getting better and better?? This one is dope! Considering the amount of things you got working on your "first try", this level is pretty astounding. I'm not just talking about technical stuff like fof stacking and falling rocks and emblems, but gameplay...
  14. Ice

    Greenflower Act 4

    If the skybox causes any lag, which I'm sure it does, I honestly think the level would benefit from getting rid of it. The level is a joy to flow through once you know your way around, and the lag subtracts from that joy enormously. So, onto the level: I loved it! I've called other levels...
  15. Ice

    Calm Caves Zone

    This was pretty good! I liked the music, it added a nice mysterious vibe to the level. Everything was spaced apart pretty well, the level comes close to cramped in some parts but generally avoids it. I managed to go pretty fast on my second playthrough. As mentioned before, the skybox was cool...
  16. Ice

    Inazuma the Deer

    The sprite work and animation is jaw-dropping on this. You (and everyone involved) should seriously give yourselves a pat on the back
  17. Ice

    [Compatible] Blossom Valley [scr_blossomvalley(encore)_v2.1.wad]

    Nearly a year to make!! Well it shows, good and bad. And I think anyone who's mapped for a long time can relate. Firstly, I should say that I'm not against confusing or complicated level design. I think it's actually a good thing when the player has to pause and take a look around to get their...
  18. Ice

    [Reusable] Oceanic Cove Zone (v2.1) [scr_oceaniccove.wad]

    Yeah, reading about those zones mentioned makes me wish we had more ports of "the classics". Maybe even a hall of fame sort of thing? :) I don't see the harm in it, as long as credit is given. Especially since the original mappers are probably long long gone.
  19. Ice

    [Reusable] Oceanic Cove Zone (v2.1) [scr_oceaniccove.wad]

    This is one of the few SRB2 levels that completely blew me away when I first played it. It's a masterpiece in every sense of the word, and I'm glad to see that it's being preserved. I wish 123 Runite was still around to see that his work is still making a mark on the community, and more than...
  20. Ice

    The Icebox of Cool Level Design Tips and Tricks!

    ~INTRODUCTION~ Hi everyone! This is a bit of a strange thread, I know, but I wanted to do something a little different than just show off the few things I'm working on. This is intended to be a compilation of solid, easy-to-digest tips to help your brain sort through the massive amorphous blob...