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  1. Rumia1

    [Suggestion] Use a different version string for Android and other OS ports

    I wanted to make an Android-focused accessability feature for my mod, and when I asked if there was an easy way to check if the user was using the Android port, I was told that I'd have to check for Android-specific console variables instead. I think it'd be easier to do stuff like this if...
  2. Rumia1

    Sonic Ability Design Contest (SADC) Voting Thread

    Alright! here is the voting thread for the Sonic Ability Design Contest It is now 7/13/20, and a lot more has happened. With a grand total of one hundred and five votes, the community has spoken and it is now time to announce our winners! There are 5 trophies to award, as follows: -The Most...
  3. Rumia1

    Sonic Ability Design Contest (SADC) Release Thread

    Hello! 4 weeks ago from the time this post was submitted, the SRB2 Community Discord server was rife with some drama.... no not that one,or the other one.. over the Thok and it's usability for beginners in the game, and whether it was going to be removed or not in later major revisions. At the...
  4. Rumia1

    Sonic Ability Design Contest (SADC) Discussion Thread

    ATTENTION: The contest is now over! I am no longer accepting submissions. Please wait until the contest pack has released before releasing updated/changed versions of your submitted abilities! If you haven't been active in the community lately or maybe you've been living under one of the...
  5. Rumia1

    Confirmed SIGSEV with Tailsguy on CyberDime maps

    Here's my SRB2Win.RPT also why do we no longer have a dedicated SIGSEV/SIGABRT thread?
  6. Rumia1

    SIGSEV with many joiners

    I've gotten several SIGSEVs recently when trying to host with several people having joined while doing various things, such as kicking new joiners, adding files, and just pressing the escape key. Here's the contents of my RPT file
  7. Rumia1

    Classic.wad: Classic Physics and Animations Recreated in SRB2!

    Do you like the classic Sonic quadrilogy? Do feel like you're walking down that giant slope in GFZ2? Do you hate having to wait what seems like an eternity while charging a spindash? Do you still just hate Sonic the Hedgehog in race and want him nerfed? Well Classic.wad is back and may be the...
  8. Rumia1

    [Reusable] Classic.wad - Classic Momentum and Gameplay (mostly) In SRB2!

    Do you like the classic Sonic quadrilogy? Do you think that the thok is a horrible gameplay mechanic that should never have been implemented into a Sonic fangame? Do you want more control over your character? Do you just hate Sonic the Hedgehog in general? Well this may fix some of your...
  9. Rumia1

    Objects with the flags MF_SOLID and MF_SPRING behave strangely when mass is set to 0

    As the title states, objects with the flags MF_SOLID and MF_SPRING have odd effects when their mass is set to 0. Among these effects are randomly setting the state of the player to spinning, similar to the effects of landing while jumping with a momz of 0. More notably though is that they...
  10. Rumia1

    Angles can make you run faster than your normalspeed

    Now granted this is a 1-3 Fracunit difference, but when coding in lua and you're trying to pull the player's speed for certain things this can be huge. It seems that the closer your character is to pointing towards a 45-degree angle, the more they can pass their normalspeed as demonstrated with...
  11. Rumia1

    an interesting question

    If you are really terrible at spriting, decent at programming, and can't find sprite rips or models to base them off of, is it still a bad thing to publicly request sprites for a project?
  12. Rumia1

    [Reusable] Sonic Mania Drop-Dash ~ Rumia Edition

    I've modified Hatninja's script to take the drop-dash ability in a slightly different direction, making it dependent on your falling momentum (plus a bit of your current speed as an added bonus, I may change it if it feels overpowered.) and turns it into horizontal speed. If you fall from any...
  13. Rumia1

    [Reusable] Bubsy the Fox

    It's a fox, and you put 'em in a shirt... BAM, it's Bubsy One day I found some peculiar behavior when changing states while jumping, and so I decided to use this knowledge to try and recreate Bubsy as best I could within the SRB2 engine. Don't worry, he doesn't suffer from PAWful controls like...
  14. Rumia1

    Rumia's Lua Abominations

    I have decided to make this thread for when I can't figure things out, probably because I did something stupid First off I'm trying to edit the waiting animation's frame durations for a certain character, however it tells me that I'm trying to index a global variable "state" and I have no clue...
  15. Rumia1

    Model Troubles

    I'm trying to animate an MD2 model for personal use and for whatever reason, when I rotate Luigi's arm, his entire face comes with! I've never done anything like this before so I don't know what to do. Can someone please help?
  16. Rumia1

    Isolated Case (SDL2) Audio Issues in 2.1.12

    I'm using the regular SRB2win.exe with OGG music, and in certain parts of stages (heavily so in THZ Acts 1 and 2), the music starts tearing and becoming distorted, this did not happen in previous versions of 2.1. In THZ Act 2, it got to the point where the music would freeze for a few seconds...
  17. Rumia1

    SRB2 Crash When Loading Custom Character WAD

    I finally finished compiling my character WAD, I loaded the game up with the WAD in the launcher, and clicked "Run!" and the game crashed, I tried the same thing by just loading the game normally and the game still crashed. I checked through the wad to see if I had made a mistake anywhere that...